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From Oil Fields To REI, Interior Nominee Has Outdoorsy Cred

Usually, the job of heading the Interior Department goes to a Western politician versed in the struggles over natural resources. So the president's nomination of Sally Jewell, a relatively obscure CEO, has left some of the key players unsure of how to react.

Debate Rages On Even As Research Ban On Gun Violence Ends

President Obama has ordered an end to a 16-year-old ban on federal funding of research on guns and health. But the political controversy that led to the ban in the first place continues to rage on.

Game On! Rare 1865 Baseball Card Tossed On The Auction Block

The Brooklyn Atlantics baseball card — found among yard sale purchases — could go for $100,000.

Shooting Of 'American Sniper' Raises Questions About PTSD Treatment

The man who allegedly killed former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield at a Texas firing range was also an Iraq War veteran, and the crime has raised questions about the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder — including whether a firing range is a safe place for a disturbed veteran.

As Drought Intensifies, 2 States Dig In Over Water War

The Republican River is crucial to the agricultural economy of several states in the West and Great Plains. But as a drought drags on, Kansas says Nebraska farmers have been taking more than their fair share of the river — and have asked the Supreme Court to weigh in.