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'Treme' Cookbook Captures The Flavor Of A Show And A City

Melissa Block talks with Lolis Eric Elie, a writer and editor behind the HBO series Treme about a new cookbook written in the voices of the show's characters. Elie says it reflects both old New Orleans traditions and more recent influences.

A Day With Elmore Leonard And The White Castle That Wasn't

NPR correspondent and former All Things Considered co-host Noah Adams recalls a day he spent with the famed crime writer in Detroit.

Dick Van Dyke Can Still Laugh After His Car Burns To A Crisp

"Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!" the comic actor tweeted after his car broke down and burst into flames. He was helped to safety by some passersby. "Somebody's looking after me," the 87-year-old TV veteran says.

From Cuba To America, Arturo Sandoval Is An Ambassador For Jazz

Later this year, the jazz legend will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Sandoval talks with guest host Celeste Headlee about his start as a trumpet player in Cuba, his relationship with Dizzy Gillespie and how American citizenship influenced his music.

Women Shortchanged In Retirement Earnings

The American workforce is graying. And while many people aren't saving enough for retirement, that's especially true for women. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with reporter Paul Solman and aging specialist Helen Dennis, about a gender gap in retirement earnings.

Is It Time To Get Rid of IQ Tests In Schools?

Schools have long used IQ tests to group students. But some experts say labels like 'gifted' or 'disabled' are following students throughout their education — for better and worse. Guest host Celeste Headlee finds out more.

CIA's Acknowledgment Of Iran Coup Role Is Latest Revelation

The agency acknowledged this week that it played a role in Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh's ouster in 1953. The CIA also acknowledged the existence of Area 51 and spying on Noam Chomsky.

The Dream 9 Pushes The Envelope (And Their Allies' Buttons)

Like protesters in so many social movements, a group of young immigration activists must try to move the conversation without going too far.

Facebook Makes Us Sadder And Less Satisfied, Study Finds

Researchers from the University of Michigan find that while Facebook provides an invaluable resource for social connection, it actually undermines well-being.

Obama's College-Cost Tour Is A Chance To Get Past Climbing Walls

President Obama is scheduled to address the college affordability crisis in a two-day, campaign-style bus tour. Will he talk about the complex reasons behind rising costs?