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Hundreds Of Safety Net Hospitals Face Uncertain Future

Across the country, hospitals that serve the neediest patients are struggling — nowhere more so than in New York, where a handful of hospitals are on the brink of closing. It's not clear if the Affordable Care Act will help these hospitals and hundreds of others like them across the country get out of the red.

Obama's Shift In Rhetoric Helping Democrats Stick Together

Instead of castigating all of Congress over the latest fiscal stalemate, President Obama is focusing his ire on Tea Party Republicans. That's energized Democrats, who are more unified than they've been in a long time. Still, that doesn't mean that they're making any headway in ending the shutdown.

Want To Raft Through The Grand Canyon? Not During The Shutdown

Melissa talks with rafter Scott Lee who was supposed to put on the Colorado River for a 20-day trip through the Grand Canyon Wednesday. With the government shutdown, his group has not been allowed to put on the river and he is not sure what will happen.

Shutdown Is The Latest Hit To Federal Worker Wallets, Morale

They've been sequestered, furloughed and told to work without pay. Meanwhile, they still have mortgages, bills and kids in college. How is the shutdown affecting hundreds of thousands of federal workers?

Intelligence Chief: Shutdown Makes America More Vulnerable

A Senate hearing on surveillance raised alarms about the impact of the federal government shutdown on intelligence gathering. Intelligence chiefs said 70 percent of civilian workers at their agencies are being furloughed, and said they could not guarantee the US is safe during the shutdown.

Federal Funds For Meals On Wheels Tied Up In Shutdown

Alison Foreman is the executive director of Ypsilanti Meals On Wheels, which feeds about 200 elderly clients. She tells Melissa Block the government shutdown has tied up the federal money her program relies on to feed low-income seniors.

Shutdown Leaves Skeleton Crews At Closed National Parks

Melissa Block talks to Jon Jarvis, director of the National Park Service, about the government shutdown's effect on parks across the country.

Clapper: Shutdown Hurts Intelligence, Counterterrorism Efforts

The director of national intelligence says that with 70 percent of spy agency staff on furlough, essential staff are being stretched thin.

Is It Time To Cool It On Kale Already?

It's National Kale Day, folks. That prompts the question: Has the kale love gone too far? As we make kale the health halo food du jour, we risk turning it into the Gwyneth Paltrow of the vegetable world — a perceived goody two-shoes that, deservedly or not, everyone loves to hate on.

Why Eye Contact Can Fail To Win People Over

People are told that if you want to get a point across, look your audience straight in the eyes. But that works only if the person already agrees with you, a study finds. When people don't share the speaker's opinion, looking them in the eye may actually make them less likely to change their minds.