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Summer Nights: Dancing In Chicago

If you want to learn to samba, tango, waltz or get jiggy, all you have to do is wander into a Chicago park. The city of Chicago hosts the largest annual outdoor dance series.

Why Do Cargo Planes Have Spottier Safety Records?

Audie Cornish talks with Alan Levin, a Bloomberg News reporter covering aviation safety and the Federal Aviation Administration, about cargo plane safety and why cargo plane accidents appear to be increasing worldwide

It Will Be Up To Congress To Change Automatic Sentencing

The Justice Department has called for prison sentencing reform — but it's really Congress that would have to carry it out. The time may be right: Crime is down, and even conservatives favor sentencing reform to save money.

Bill Would Keep Lead Ammunition Out Of Condors' Diet

California condor conservationists are among those pushing for a statewide ban on lead ammunition in California. Some of the critically endangered birds are dying of lead poisoning. The Los Angeles Zoo has been breeding condors in captivity for decades to restore the species' population. Now a major part of their job is treating birds who've dined on lead-tainted animal remains in the wild. They — along with a bill making its way through the Legislature — identify lead bullets as the top condor threat. But hunters and shooters question lead's environmental impact. And they say a ban would leave them with few affordable, convenient options.

NSA Accused Of Repeatedly Violating Privacy Rules

Documents released to the Washington Post by former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden show the agency overstepped privacy rules.

The Shift In Black Views Of The War On Drugs

Attorney General Eric Holder called this week for sweeping changes to America's drug laws. He's part of a growing movement of black leaders pushing for major changes to the nation's 40-year war on drugs. But for decades, many African-American leaders supported tough sentencing rules.

Painter Created Million-Dollar Forgeries In Queens Garage, Officials Say

An anonymous painter in New York City created dozens of art forgeries, which sold for more than $80 million, according to prosecutors. The man isn't facing charges — but those who allegedly sold his canvases as the work of artists including Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell are in trouble.

The STEM Gender Gap

The number of girls and women studying the sciences has steadily increased each year, but there is still a gender gap in higher education and the work force. Researchers Andresse St. Rose and Catherine Riegle-Crumb and Linda Kekelis, executive director of Techbridge, discuss the social and environmental factors that contribute to this disparity.

Republicans To CNN And NBC: No Debates For You

The GOP says upcoming film projects by the networks show "clear favoritism" toward potential Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton. The networks say the films aren't even finished and have nothing to do with their campaign coverage. But Republicans say they won't debate on CNN or NBC.

A 'Dilemma Zone' For Red-Light Cameras: Safety Vs. Cash

What's the point of a red light camera — to make intersections safer, or to generate revenue? That's the question asked by researchers at the University of Tennessee, who say the cameras are sometimes used in ways that are more likely to make money than to improve safety.