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6 Things We Just Learned About The IRS Scandal

Interviews with two key IRS staffers describe a workplace where office politics in Cincinnati and Washington, not partisan politics, served as the animating force behind the improper targeting of Tea Party groups.

President Obama, 'Honest And Trustworthy?'

Host Michel Martin checks in on the latest political news, including new poll numbers on how Americans view President Obama.

New Report Finds Many Teachers Aren't Ready To Teach

The quality of teacher education is falling flat in the United States, according to a new report. Host Michel Martin speaks with Stephanie Banchero of The Wall Street Journal about why some teachers say they're not well prepared.

Bakery Apparently Mishears Cake Order

To celebrate Laura Grambel's college graduation, her mom ordered a cake: Indiana red and white, with a photo of Laura's face. One more request: a graduation cap, made of icing. Instead, the baker drew a cat on Laura's head

Is That Gas I Smell, Or Cinnamon?

A gas pipeline was being fixed in Harlem and officials didn't want a flood of 911 calls from people smelling gas. So they masked the smell by adding cinnamon to the gas.

Feds Raid 7-Eleven Stores In Immigration Scam

Authorities in New York have announced the arrest of eight men and one woman in what they say was a wide-ranging conspiracy to staff convenience stores with illegal immigrant workers and steal those workers' wages.

Conn. Law May Discourage Mental Illness Sufferers From Help

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, states have taken steps to limit gun access for people with mental illness. In Connecticut, a new law requires psychiatric hospitals to report anyone who is voluntarily admitted, so the state can revoke any gun licenses they may hold. Some in the mental health community say it could prevent people from seeking psychiatric help.

High Court Strikes Down Voting Law In Arizona

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Arizona has no right to demand documents proving citizenship when people register to vote. In a 7-2 decision, the court said the National Voter Registration Act trumps state law. At the same time, the court told Arizona officials how to get what they want, anyway.

Study: Teacher Prep Programs Get Failing Marks

The first-ever study of more than 1,100 schools of education released Tuesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality shows that teacher preparation is in disarray. The study warns that 163 programs provide only "minimal, substandard training."

Why Buy A House When You Can Buy A Mountain?

Big names in business, entertainment and philanthropy pitched in to help buy a Utah ski mountain for a reported $40 million. They want to turn it into the next cool hub for culture and new ideas. "We look to build the coolest little mountain town in the world," says one of the buyers.