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State Health Exchanges: The Good, The Bad, And The Glitches

Melissa Block speaks with Jocelyn Guyer from the health policy consulting firm Manatt Health Solutions about the good and bad of the state health exchanges so far.

Botanic Garden Shuts Down, But Who'll Water The Plants?

A small number of staff are working to make sure the plants, which include many exotic and unusual specimens, stay healthy, says a facility manager.

House GOP's Latest Idea: A Fiscal Supercommittee, Sort Of

The latest House Republican plan is to propose a supercommittee to work out a deal that would reopen government and raise the debt ceiling.

Many Teens Admit To Coercing Others Into Sex

Sexual violence appears to have roots in adolescence, so researchers asked teenagers and young adults if they'd ever forced someone to have sexual activity against their will. About 1 in 10 had. Psychological pressure was the most common tactic.

Food Truck Pioneer Battles Food Deserts With High Cuisine

Los Angeles chef Roy Choi helped launch the food truck movement. Now he wants to blend high and low cuisine to combat food deserts. He's challenging the tyranny of junk food in the inner cities, and is pushing other chefs to think about how they can contribute to food justice in their communities.

Study: U.S. Adults Below Average In Literacy, Basic Math

Japan and Finland ranked at the top in most areas of the OECD study of 22 countries, while Italy and Spain consistently scored at the bottom.

Solved: The Minds Behind The 'NSA' Billboard Reveal Themselves

Last week, we joined the speculation on who was behind the shadowy billboard on the 101 Freeway near San Francisco — a plain white sign with black text reading, "Your Data Should Belong To The NSA." Now the makers behind the signs are coming clean, and we're not too surprised by who they are.

Obama Calls Boehner To Say He'll Negotiate — Later

A discussion of Republicans' fiscal ideas will have to wait until the government shutdown is over and the federal debt ceiling has been raised, President Obama tells House Speaker John Boehner.

Mental Health Care: Why Some Get It And Some Don't

The shooting death of a young woman near the U.S. Capitol last week is raising questions about black women's access to mental health care. Host Michel Martin discusses the issue with Dr. Annelle Primm, the American Psychiatric Association's Director of Minority and National Affairs.

D.C. Bars And Restaurants Feel Shutdown Squeeze

D.C. bars and restaurants are getting nervous about just how long their customers will be furloughed — and how it might dent their bottom line.