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Sprint Shareholders Approve SoftBank Merger

Sprint Nextel shareholders have signed off on an offer from Japan's SoftBank to acquire a majority stake in the U.S. wireless carrier. The deal which is expected to be approved by U.S. regulators could bring more robust competition to the U.S. mobile market.

Senate Bill Would Do Away With Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

It has been more than five years since the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac forced the government to move the mortgage giants into conservatorship. Congress is finally starting to grapple with what comes next.

Clock Runs Out On Controversial Texas Abortion Bill

After a dramatic evening that included a filibuster, procedural back-and-forth and the crowds of chanting protesters in the Capitol, Texas lawmakers failed to pass sweeping abortion restrictions before a midnight deadline.

Texas Lawmaker's 11-Hour Filibuster Ended On A Technicality

She stood and spoke for nearly 11 hours straight, but Democratic Texas state senator Wendy Davis' filibuster was stopped by points of order. But the effort wasn't in vain — the clock ran out on the bill's final passage.

McKesson CEO's Pension Reported At A Record $159 Million

John Hammergren, the chairman and CEO of drug distributor McKesson, may have the largest pension ever reported for an individual, at $159 million. That's what he would have been owed in a lump sum if he had left voluntarily on March 31.

Google Reader Replacement Race: Feedly And Digg Reader Make Waves

Days before Google pulls the plug on its Reader RSS feed service, reality is sinking in for longtime users. And the market for free or low-cost replacements is growing, as Digg says its new reader is now ready. Other companies report a burst of new customers.

Voting Rights Ruling Could Open Lawsuit Floodgates

Critics contend that by striking down a key section of the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court scrapped Congress' means of determining which jurisdictions required pre-clearance. Voting-rights advocates expect that states and other jurisdictions will now enact voter ID laws that had previously faced scrutiny.

Nostalgia Products: Making A Tasty Comeback

In what Hostess calls "The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever," Twinkies will return in July — just the latest iconic product to reappear, as vinyl records and Polaroid cameras experience a surge in popularity. The twist? Some of the products' biggest fans were born after the age of CDs and digital cameras.

Obama's Climate Strategy Doesn't Require Congressional Approval

The sweeping plan calls for the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten carbon dioxide emissions on power plants and is designed to foster cleaner forms of electricity. The initiative also aims to help the nation cope with droughts and other weather related changes that are already happening.

In Alabama, Voting Decision Seen As Sign Of Progress, Setback

In the state where the Supreme Court case got its start, many officials lauded the justices' ruling as an acknowledgement that times have changed. But others are skeptical that enough progress has really been made.