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How Powerful Are White Supremacist Prison Gangs?

Investigators are exploring a possible link between white supremacist prison gangs and the murders of law enforcement officers in Texas and Colorado. Host Michel Martin explores how these gangs operate in and outside of prison with NPR investigative correspondent Laura Sullivan.

'Independent Adviser' To Review Rutgers' Actions

Men's basketball coach Mike Rice was fired for verbally and physically abusing his players. The school's athletic director then resigned. Now the president also is under pressure.

Blocked Or Breaking Through? Mixed Signals On Gun Bills

As the Senate prepares to take up Democratic-sponsored gun legislation, there's a report of a possible bipartisan deal on background checks for gun buyers. But other reports indicate that the gridlock over guns is likely to continue.

Trying To Preserve What's Left Of Manhattan's Little Syria

Preservationists are trying to protect the last vestiges of New York's Little Syria. They're seeking historic landmark status for a few buildings in Lower Manhattan. That's all that's left of what was once a thriving neighborhood, and arguably the center of Arab-American life.

Students Turn To Jumbotron To Watch Tourney In Georgia Dome

Louisville and Michigan will face off Monday night for the men's NCAA basketball championship. The game will be played in Atlanta, where some of the best seats don't always have the best view.

Women's NCAA Basketball Championship Game Is Set For Tuesday

Connecticut fended off Notre Dame 83-65, and Louisville triumphed over California. The two winners will play in the women's NCAA title game on Tuesday.

Some Gun Control Opponents Cite Fear Of Government Tyranny

Gun-rights advocates are increasingly arguing that they need weapons to protect themselves from the government. They say that's what the Second Amendment is really about. Now some elected officials seem to be playing off those fears.

Osama Bin Laden's Son-In-Law Set To Appear In N.Y. Court

Former al-Qaida spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith was captured by U.S. officials in February. His arrest is significant, analysts say, because the Obama administration has decided to try him in a federal court instead of using a military commission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift

As car sharing continues to gain traction among American drivers, Car2Go is one company benefiting from the changing way we use cars. Economics and environmental concerns are spurring the market, as is the idea that cars are tools, not symbols of power or status.