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Salt, Flies, Pickled Tongues: A Perfect Great Salt Lake Swim

Open water swimmers in Utah perform weekly marathon swims in water five times saltier than the ocean. They endure blisters, wild currents, a variety of temperatures and water that tastes "like a battery." They treasure the beautiful view and the refuge from boat traffic.

The Iceman Swimmeth, Chanting 'F Cancer'

Goody Tyler isn't just any hard-core Great Salt Lake swimmer. He's a certified "ice swimmer." In December, Tyler swam 1 mile in the lake when the water temperature was only 41 degrees, the maximum temperature for an official "ice swim."

United States Of Outrage: NSA, IRS Overreaches Spark Bipartisan Ire

Even in a starkly polarized era, there are still some issues that can draw together Americans from across the political spectrum and scramble ideological fault lines.

At Least Four Dead, Several Hurt In Santa Monica Shootings, Police Say

As many as four people died in a series of shooting incidents in Santa Monica Friday, according to city police chief Jacqueline Seabrooks. The gunman was shot to death in an exchange of fire with police in the library of Santa Monica College, she said at a news conference.

Wal-Mart Meeting Spurs Protests Over Low Pay, Safety Issues

The annual shareholders' meeting of retailing giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was marked by protests this week, as striking workers assembled in Arkansas to call for higher wages and better safety rules. A former Bangladeshi garment worker spoke inside the meeting.

Poll: Americans, Chinese Harbor Mutual Suspicions

As President Obama and his Chinese counterpart prepare for a two-day summit in California, a new Pew survey shows that distrust between the two peoples is on the rise.