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I Would Have Stopped Him, 'Misha' Says Of Bombing Suspect

Some of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's relatives have alleged that a mysterious man may have turned him toward radical Islam. That man — known as Misha — has told a writer for The New York Review of Books that he'd had no contact with the bombing suspect for three years and that "I wasn't his teacher."

States Question What To Do With Surging Tax Revenue

After at least three years of red ink, most states have budget surpluses. It's a sign of a recovering economy, and leaves states with a new dilemma — how best to spend the money?

Sen. Manchin Says Background Checks Bill Will Pass Next Time

The West Virginia Democrat says there was "some confusion" about the gun legislation when it failed to get enough votes in the Senate. So he's going to reintroduce the bill. It would expand background checks to sales made at gun shows and online.

Blazing The Trail For Female Programmers

Only about 20 percent of all computer programmers are women, but one pioneering CEO is trying to change that. Blazing Cloud's Sarah Allen hopes that making women in the field more visible to each other will help young women see a path for themselves in this fast-growing profession.

Gunmaker Says Colorado's New Laws Will Send It Packing

With several gun control measures now law in Colorado, four gun-related companies say they will make good on plans to move some or all of their operations out of the state. Hunting outfitters are also worried about fallout from a boycott by out-of-state clients.

After Sandy, Questions Linger Over Cellphone Reliability

Roughly one in four cell phone towers in the path of Hurricane Sandy went out of service. It was a frustrating and potentially dangerous experience for those customers without a landline to fall back on. Now, local officials and communications experts are pushing providers to improve their performance during natural disasters.

Obama To Nominate Charlotte Mayor For Transportation Post

A White House official says the president will make the announcement Monday. Anthony Foxx, who hosted last year's Democratic National Convention, has undertaken a few major transit projects during his four years as mayor.

Finding A Home After Sandy — Temporarily

Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with Daphne Murphy about her experience living in temporary housing post-Superstorm Sandy. Murphy has been living in shelters and hotels since the storm struck last September.