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Sports: From Basketballs To Racing Horses

Host Scott Simon speaks with Howard Bryant of ESPN about the latest sports news.

More Jobs, But Wait: They May Not Pay Much

While the economy added 165,000 jobs in April, a closer look shows that the biggest gains were in lower-paying fields like hospitality and temp agencies. And there's some question as to whether there will be enough jobs for students once the school year ends.

WWII Prisoner Of War Created A Code, Uncracked Until Now

Sixty years ago, John Pryor, a British prisoner of war in a German camp wrote about 80 letters home. Under his prosaic descriptions of camp life were coded messages asking for supplies and detailing German military secrets. Host Scott Simon talks with Stephen Pryor, his son, who worked with researchers at the University of Plymouth to finally crack his late father's code.

Confessions Of A Kentucky Derby Gate-Crasher

Stephen Johnstone started celebrating --uninvited — with the winning families and jockeys in 1963. In his 18 times sneaking into the festivities, he's never been caught. Johnstone always has an accomplice, and a persona. Once you're past the gate, he says, your job is to share the joy of the moment.

At NRA Convention, Dueling Narratives Displayed With Guns

While the talk this weekend in the Texas convention hall is about keeping up the fight against gun restrictions and staying true to the Constitution, a small protest against gun violence is being held outside.

New U.S. Trade Representative Faces Big Challenges Abroad

President Obama has named Michael Froman, a trusted adviser on international economic issues, to be the next U.S. Trade Representative. Froman will try to complete two giant trade deals that are in the works. But Froman's job won't be easy.

Pre-Exam Party Grows Into Violent 'Drink Fest' In Madison

Officials in Madison, Wisc., are hoping to tamp down a traditional spring bash that's gotten out of control in recent years. Gilman Halstead reports the Mifflin Street Block Party keeps police and first responders busy dealing with violence and intoxicated crowds. This weekend students are being urged to attend an alternate event instead of the off-campus gathering.

California Reluctant To Further Reduce Its Prison Population

California is in the midst of an effort to bring its prison population down, as ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court. California Gov. Jerry Brown has submitted a new plan to further reduce the number of inmates. But he's still striking a defiant tone toward the courts — saying he's done enough to address overcrowding concerns.