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Why Are Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together!?

Pop singer Rihanna recently announced she's back together with recording artist Chris Brown, after an abusive relationship and public breakup. She says he's changed, but many people say this shows just how complicated domestic abuse can be. Host Michel Martin finds out why victims reconcile and whether abusers can really change.

College: How To Do More Than Just 'Get By'

Many of the college students who have returned to campus for another semester will struggle to pass their classes and graduate. To find out how students can get on the path to success, host Michel Martin talks with Melvina Noel, author of How to Thrive in College.

Score More Dates By Improving Your Credit

In the past, having a good credit score made you an attractive candidate for credit cards or loans. But did you know your credit score nowadays can also make you an attractive - or unappealing - date? Host Michel Martin finds out why a growing number of singles are asking for more than just a telephone number.

Overhauling Immigration: Asians Matter Too

The national conversation about overhauling immigration often focuses on Latino immigrants. But what works for one ethnic group may not be ideal for all. Host Michel Martin finds out what Asian immigrants want most from immigration reform.

Lonely And Frustrated: These May Be The Worst Jobs In Politics

There are always losers in politics. But even some of the winners wind up so badly outnumbered that accomplishing anything is a rare treat. On the surface, their jobs might seem so hopeless that you wonder why anyone took them on.


Broader Justification Emerges Of When U.S. Can Kill Americans Who Join Al-Qaida

A justice department memo obtained by NBC News says the president can order drone strikes on Americans overseas if they take on leadership posts in al-Qaida or affiliated organizations and are "imminent" threats to Americans. But there's no need for proof of "specific" plans aimed at the U.S.