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Business Leaders Decry The Economic Cost Of Uncertainty

Several new studies show the political battles in Washington have been seriously hurting companies and workers. Some economists estimate that over the past few years, partisan standoffs have been stunting growth to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars — and close to a million jobs.

Shutdown Is Wrapped Up, But Other Issues Are Starting To Unfold

The U.S. is back from the brink after a deal to reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling, but more crises may be on the horizon with a compromise budget due by mid-December and the federal government only funded through Jan. 15. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's senior Washington editor Ron Elving about what comes next.

With Major Debt, Philadelphia Schools Cut Back On Nurses

Philadelphia Public Schools have been facing a funding crisis. There have been a series of layoffs, including assistant principals, school nurses and counselors. Some funding has come through to rehire hundreds of staffers, but not any new nurses. Host Scott Simon speaks with Eileen DiFranco, who has been a school nurse in the city for more than 23 years, about the situation.

Ultimate Frisbee Puts On Its Game Face

After years of jokes, Ultimate Frisbee players say they're finally getting some respect. This year the sport received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee, and Ryland Barton of KWBU in Waco, Texas, reports that this weekend its national championship will be broadcast live on ESPN3.

'It Takes A Crisis': How '73 Embargo Fueled Change In U.S.

When Saudia Arabia cut off direct oil shipments to the U.S. 40 years ago, the country was thrown into shock. Calls for energy independence grew louder. The U.S. is now producing more of its own oil and natural gas than ever, but the commitment to efficiency has been uneven.

Credit Cards Under Pressure To Police Online Expression

The Web is full of sites promoting views that many find offensive — and often, those sites do business with credit card companies. Some advocacy groups are pressuring Visa and MasterCard to end those relationships, but others worry these campaigns will have a chilling effect on free speech online.

How Do You Flavor A Vodka Called 'Chicago'?

Absolut, the Swedish vodka maker, is marketing a new spirit called Absolut Chicago. The vodka company describes its taste as "rich and aromatic with intriguing herbal notes of rosemary and thyme." But Scott Simon has his own suggested ingredients, from a kick of cold lake wind to a drop of the blues.

Second Arrest Made In Connection With LAX Dry Ice Explosions

Both suspects work for the same ground handling company at the airport. The explosions — one on Sunday and one on Monday — did not cause any injuries, and police say there was no link to terrorism.

Tom Foley, A House Speaker Who Embraced Compromise And Comity

Foley, who died Friday at age 84, was in some ways ideally suited to be speaker. A generation ago he held together the regional and ideological factions of his own Democratic party while speaking calm and consistent reason to his foes across the aisle.

Money For Dam Project In Shutdown Deal Riles Conservatives

When Congress voted to end the shutdown, the measure also included $2 billion for a troubled lock and dam project on the Ohio River. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, a supporter of the project, has been attacked by hard-line conservatives who call it pork-barrel spending, but he says he didn't put it in the bill.