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New Yorkers Head Back To Work Without A Subway

Traffic in and around downtown Manhattan was a nightmare on Wednesday as millions of New Yorkers tried to get around the city without a subway system.

Democrat Critiques A Romney Stump Speech

Political speeches are for partisans who attend political rallies. So what happens when a Democratic operative listens closely to Republican Mitt Romney's stump speech?

Allen West Faces Challenge After Redistricting

Firebrand and Tea Party favorite Congressman Allen West abandoned his old South Florida district after redistricting made it more Democratic. But even his new one is forcing the freshman to work hard to win a second term in the House.

Hoboken, N.J., Still Under Water After Sandy

Hoboken, N.J., continued to suffer from the effects of superstorm Sandy on Wednesday.

NYPD Cop Died Protecting Family From Rising Waters

Staten Island is still dealing with the aftermath of severe flooding from Sandy. In some low-lying areas of the borough, houses were underwater almost to their rooftops. One police officer died in the deluge after saving six people.

Romney Picks Campaign Trail Back Up In Florida

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney campaigned in Florida on Wednesday, the resumption of a crowded campaign schedule thwarted by superstorm Sandy.

Smart Power Grid May Have Lessened Sandy's Impact

Old age and a new threat — climate change — are putting a strain on the East Coast's power infrastructure after Sandy.