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VIDEO: Toledo Driver Rescued After Huge Sinkhole Swallows Car

It was quite a surprise Wednesday for Pamela Knox of Toledo when her car dropped beneath a street. Check out the scene.

The Declaration: What Does Independence Mean To You?

We ask visitors on the National Mall about independence and they tell us about the freedoms that are the most important to them.

Obama Urges Egypt To Quickly Elect Next Civilian Government

The ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi by the country's armed forces presents a dilemma for the Obama administration: How to respond when a democratically elected leader is ousted. The U.S. gives the Egyptian military some $1.3 billion a year.

After Marathon Bomings, Boston Police Monitor July 4 Concert

This is the 40th year the Boston Pops will perform along the Charles River with fireworks bursting overhead. But the scene will be different this year following the Boston Marathon bombing in April. Police say there is no specific threat to the celebration but security must be tightened.

Immigration Debate In Congress Riles Up Texas Republicans

In a state with a fast-growing Latino population, the fight over immigration is especially relevant. There's scant backing for the Senate's immigration bill among Texas Republicans in Washington, but some Texans say those lawmakers are "behind the curve."

Celebrating The Expansion Of Our Nation

On July 4, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson announced the signing of the Louisiana Purchase, when the United States bought more than 800,000 square miles of land from the French. On this anniversary, guest host Celeste Headlee highlights some of the forgotten history around the purchase.

How Slavery Almost Made It Into The Declaration

More than any other day of the year, the Fourth of July is a time to take pride in American history. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks to author Kenneth C. Davis about what you shouldn't forget this Independence Day.

As Americans, We Stand ... Divided?

The American Values Survey finds that citizens of the U.S. think they're more divided today than they were a decade ago. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with Don Baer about whether we're really as different as we believe we are.

Gettysburg Swells As Throngs Mark Civil War's Turning Point

The small town of Gettysburg, Pa., has rolled out the red carpet for tens of thousands of visitors this week. The town hopes the tourists, descending to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, will mean a $100 million boost to the local economy.

Partial Delay In Health Law Challenges Obama More Than Foes

The politics of the Obama administration's decision to postpone the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate are much easier for Republican opponents than administration officials and other Democratic boosters of the controversial law.