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Asiana Crash: Plane Was 34 Knots Below Target Speed, NTSB Says

Investigators are interviewing the four pilots of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 today. At a briefing, the NTSB says that three seconds before Saturday's crash-landing, the aircraft's speed was 103 knots — the lowest measured by its data recorders, and far below the target speed of 137 knots.

Arrest Caught On Google Glass Reignites Privacy Debate

The wearable technology, which is being tested by a select group of users, was used to record an arrest on the Jersey Shore. The incident raises questions about citizen journalism and the limits of privacy in public.

Republicans Slow To 'Reset' Despite Election Autopsy Report

A few months ago, the Republican National Committee released several recommendations for broadening the party's voter appeal. The report told the GOP to reach out to women, younger voters and Hispanics. But so far, that has not been the direction party leaders have taken in Congress or in the media.

Why Catastrophic Airline Crashes Have Become More Survivable

Boeing's 777 has one of the industry's best safety records. One of those planes crash-landed in San Francisco on Saturday, killing two people and injuring scores more. In addition to the plane's solid reputation, many other factors helped save lives — from fire and rescue training to aircraft design.

Volunteers Sought For 1813 Flag Project

The Maryland Historical Society is recreating the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore 200 years ago. Mary Pickersgill and four others sewed the original Star Spangled Banner. Volunteers will re-create it using the same type of fabric, stitching and time frame — they have six weeks to complete the flag.

Indiana State Fair To Feature Giant Popcorn Ball

To make the 5,000 pound kettle-corn ball, the popping has already begun for a fair that doesn't open until next month. A company called Snax in Pax is using a mold that's eight-feet wide.

Snowden: Americans Are Good; But Their Leaders Lie

The Guardian has released another video from its interview with the so-called NSA leaker. In it, he explains some of his motivation for spilling secrets.

Gov. Rick Perry Says He Won't Seek Re-election In Texas

Feeding speculation that he might again pursue the presidency as a Republican candidate, Gov. Rick Perry says he won't run for re-election in 2014.

Boy Writes To NASA; NASA Writes Back

"Dear NASA," the letter begins. "My name is Dexter I heard that you are sending 2 people to Mars and I would like to come but I'm 7."

At Murder Trial, Friends Say It's Zimmerman's Voice On Tape

A key piece of evidence in the high-profile murder trial involves whose voice can be heard calling for help on the recording of a 911 call made by a neighbor. Jurors have now heard conflicting opinions from those who knew Trayvon Martin, and those who know defendant George Zimmerman.