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Community Supported Canning Gets Locavores Through Winter

Farmers and small processors are marketing local canned and dry goods under the CSA model. They call small batch food processing "back-breaking work." But many of them are in it to build their local food economy.

Alabama Agrees To Permanently Gut Immigration Law

Opponents of Alabama's strict immigration law are declaring victory Tuesday, as the state agrees not to pursue key provisions of a measure critics called an endorsement of racial profiling. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the state's appeal of a ruling that effectively blocked the law.

Illinois Files Suit Against Online Adoption Agency

The state says the for-profit agency is not licensed to operate in the state. The agency has said that because its online ads don't originate in Illinois, it is not bound by the state's law. Still, the move could test the Internet's expanding reach in this sensitive area.

Insurance Cancellations Elbow Out Website Woes At Health Hearing

For Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, the big question was not why isn't the website working. It was why are people being told their insurance is being cancelled when President Obama said they can keep it, no matter what. Administration officials said the new coverage will be better.

Bloomberg's New Colorado Play: $1 Million For Tax Measure

Less than two months after playing a starring role in two recall elections in Colorado, Michael Bloomberg has contributed $1 million to another campaign in the state. He's backing a ballot measure that would increase income taxes to provide funds for a new public school financing system.

Maine Town To Vote On Key Tar Sands Ordinance

Lots of New England towns have taken non-binding votes against tar sands oil, but residents of South Portland, Maine, are about to take a vote that could matter. They are considering an ordinance designed to prevent their port from being used to export tar sands to world markets via an existing pipeline that connects Maine to Montreal.

NSA Chief: We Did Not Collect French, Spanish Phone Data

The head of the NSA testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday. General Keith Alexander disputed news reports that the NSA collected the phone call data of citizens in France and Spain. The NSA is facing tough criticism over its extensive surveillance efforts, including the apparent monitoring of phone calls of the leaders of countries that are close U.S. allies. The NSA controversy has also prompted legislators to change the way the agency conducts surveillance. Two reforms aim to limit the NSA's ability to collect the phone records of U.S. persons in bulk.

Obama Responds To European And Congressional Fury Over Spying

President Obama won't say when he learned about American eavesdropping on European allies. Instead, he's talking about a review of U.S. surveillance policy that could lead to new limits on the NSA's eavesdropping authority.

Health Site Glitches Have At-Risk Democrats Favoring Delay

As Republicans slam the messy rollout of, Democrats in conservative states could score political points by supporting an extension of the open enrollment period.

For A Longer Life, You Might Try Mowing The Lawn

Older people who are active every day appear to lower their risk of heart disease and death by almost a third, even if they're not doing the kind of exercise that breaks a sweat. Gardening and puttering around the house qualify. And don't overlook berry-picking, a popular pastime in Sweden, where the study was done.