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ACLU Report Questions 'Suspicious Activity' Reporting

The American Civil Liberties Union has obtained internal documents from the federal government's anti-terrorism programs — relying on "suspicious activity reports" — that suggest that state law enforcement officials and others have repeatedly questioned their value.

Young African-American Shoppers Sue Barneys, NYPD For Profiling

The New York state attorney general's office has opened an investigation on department stores Barneys. The retailers are in hot water after recent claims of racial profiling of African-American shoppers.

Infosys To Pay $34 Million To Settle Immigration Fraud Case

The Indian IT company Infosys has tentatively agreed to pay the U.S. government $34 million for alleged immigration violations.

New York Business Owners Aren't Waiting For City To Get Flood-Ready

Business owners in lower Manhattan are taking matters into their own hands to prepare for when flooding threatens, hardening buildings and investing in barriers they can put up on their own to create a dry perimeter around their properties. Sea level rise is expected to make the area much more prone to inundation in just a few decades.

On Capitol Hill, A Statue And A Rock God Bring Politicians Together

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, an unlikely scene unfolded as a bust of Winston Churchill was unveiled in Statuary Hall Wednesday. The entertainment: Roger Daltrey. Who? Yes, Roger Daltrey of the 1960s rock band The Who.

After Fire And Floods, Colo. Town Now Faces A Hospital Crisis

The small tourism-dependent community of Estes Park, Colo., had a tough tourist season this year due to fires, flooding and the government shutdown. The resulting tourism decrease has also affected the town's hospital, where the cost of keeping staffing at normal levels comes at a higher cost these days.

Texas' Voter ID Law Creates A Problem For Some Women

A strict voter ID law being tested in Texas is having unexpected consequences. It requires the name on voters' official ID to match with the name on their voter ID card. That's causing problems for some women, whose names changed because of marriage or divorce.

What Does The Fox Say? 'It's Halloween'

Fox costumes are on the rise this year thanks to a Norweigan duo's YouTube video gone viral: "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)."

Soylent: An Offbeat Food Idea Investors Are Taking Seriously

Inventor Rob Rhinehart has raised $1.5 million in seed funding for his powdered food alternative. He and his investors say there's a big market for his product: time- and cash-strapped people currently living on takeout.

In Sandy's Wake, Flood Zones And Insurance Rates Re-Examined

It's been a year since Hurricane Sandy knocked the mid-Atlantic states for a loop. Scientists say that as sea level rises, such storms are likely to occur more often. But the new, more realistic flood maps could boost flood insurance rates. Will politics trump science?