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How Partitioned Grocery Carts Can Help Shoppers Buy Healthier Foods

Eating healthy is easier said than done. Same with buying healthy food. Research finds that putting in partitions in grocery carts can increase the likelihood shoppers buy healthy fruits and veggies.

Former Texas Gov. Perry Prepares To Announce Presidential Bid

Haunted by memories of his debate debacle four years ago, Rick Perry says he's healthier and better prepared this time. Last week, the Republican was in Iowa drumming up support for another campaign.

Don't Write Off Paper Just Yet

In today's digital age it's easy to forget about paper, but as one paper pusher says, "a paperless society is about as plausible as a paperless bathroom."

Property Owners Throw Cold Water On N.J. Shore Protective Dunes Plan

State officials have met with stiff resistance from property owners worried about losing their ocean views or claim to their beachfront land.

A Special Focus On Caring For Vets At The End Of Their Lives

Service members often struggle with guilt, abandonment and regret. The Army and the Department of Veterans Affairs are working to help make those last days meaningful.

Brelo Verdict Shows The Difficulty In Applying Use Of Force Standards

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Michael Benza, law professor at Case Western Reserve University, about what questions remain after Cleveland officer Michael Brelo was acquitted of manslaughter.

Left Turns Cause A Quarter Of All Pedestrian Crashes In U.S.

One of the biggest problems with left turns is that the turning driver has a green light when pedestrians have a walk light. Changes in how cars are built have also created more blind spots.

Officer's Acquittal Highlights Tense Police, Community Relations In Cleveland

There were relatively peaceful protests after a white police officer in Cleveland was acquitted Saturday in the deaths of two unarmed black motorists in a barrage of police gunfire in 2012.

Why Have We Stopped Building War Memorials?

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Kurt Piehler, director of the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience, about the history of and decline in war memorials.

In California, Technology Makes Droughtshaming Easier Than Ever

As California's drought continues, social media and smart phone apps let just about anyone call out water waste, often very publicly.