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Random Bedtimes Breed Bad Behavior In Kids

Random bedtimes have more influence on a child's behavior than going to bed late, a British study finds. That was true at home and at school. Researchers say that failing to hit the hay at the same time every day may mess up circadian rhythms and brain development. Fortunately, the ill effects are reversible.

Malala Yousafzai: A 'Normal,' Yet Powerful Girl

A year after she was shot in head by the Taliban, Malala Yousafzai was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala, and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai, talk with host Michel Martin about their hope for Pakistan's future.

Dodge Ball: Causing Harm Or Teaching Resilience?

A New York school has taken soccer balls, footballs — and maybe even the fun — out of recess. Officials say hard balls are a safety concern, but critics say they're being too cautious. Tell Me More's parenting roundtable weighs in.

Is The U.S. In A Debt Crisis?

The Thursday deadline for raising the federal debt limit is fast approaching, but the government is still shut down. Host Michel Martin asks Sudeep Reddy of The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine's Rana Foroohar, if the U.S. is in a debt crisis.

Farm Families Pick Massive Corn Harvest As Prices Shrink

There's a lot of uncertainly in the air as harvest season gets into full swing across the Midwest. But this is a time of year when farm families come together to focus on the big task at hand.

Tuesday Morning Political Mix

Even the White House garden has taken a hit from Washington inaction on the budget, its veggies literally rotting on the vine. Insert metaphor here. But finally, is a deal near? And what are Sen. Ted Cruz's options to keep the spotlight on Obamacare? Also: Keeping an eye on the New Jersey Senate race.

Second Dry Ice Bomb Goes Off At LA Airport

There were no reports of damage or injuries from two dry ice bombs that went off Sunday and Monday. Two other devices were found, but didn't go off. Police said that so far there do not appear to be any links to terrorism.

Albuquerque Trolley Will Take You Past Walter White's Home

The ABQ Trolley Company has been taking people on tours of sites in the TV show Breaking Bad. You roll past the home of main character Walter White, or see the car wash where he made extra money before starting to cook meth.

Pa. Caterpillars Predict Wet, Cold Winter

Over the weekend, people in Lewisburg, Pa., gathered for a weather forecast from caterpillars. Woolly bear caterpillars are black, with a brown stripe down the middle. Folklore says the larger the stripe, the milder the winter.

On Capitol Hill, A Flurry Of Activity But Still No Deal

After finding that they did not have enough votes to pass a measure that would have reopened the government and raised the debt ceiling, the House will not vote tonight. With about 29 hours before the country runs out of borrowing authority, there is no solid plan on the table.