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The 'Faux Friday' Jobs Report: What Economists Can Guesstimate

With the federal government partially shut down there was no September jobs report Friday, leaving some economists suffering data withdrawal. But sorting through unofficial numbers, most economists are fairly sure the labor market continued its steady, modest growth last month, adding perhaps as many as 180,000 jobs.

When Should Police Use Deadly Force?

Questions about the appropriate use of lethal force have been raised after police fatally shot Miriam Carey Thursday near the U.S. Capitol. Carey had tried to breach a White House security checkpoint with her car before speeding toward the U.S. Capitol. Melissa Block talks with Eugene O'Donnell, a former officer with the New York Police Department and certified police trainer, about the standard protocols for using deadly force.

New Details Emerge On Woman Shot After Capitol Hill Car Chase

The latest on Miriam Carey, the Connecticut dental hygienist who was shot and killed by Capitol police Thursday after she drove into barriers near the White House and led police on a chase through Washington, D.C., streets.

Obama's Lunch: Sandwich With A Side Of Shutdown Messaging

President Obama sought to turn an "impromptu" lunchtime stroll into a chance to neutralize a damaging shutdown quote from an administration official.

Of Goats And Gardens: Making Sense Of Urban Agriculture In LA

Urban agriculture abounds in Los Angeles county but few people could see the big picture of what was actually happening around them. So university students set out to create a baseline of data in the country's most populous county to help urban planners, regulators and agricultural pioneers make sense of it all.

Officials Detail Shutdown's Chilling Effect On National Security

A senior U.S. government official says some intelligence agencies are able to focus only on the biggest threats: counterterrorism and nuclear nonproliferation. So other issues are falling by the wayside.

Still-Powerful Tropical Storm Karen Set For Saturday Landfall

The system, which has been traveling through the Gulf of Mexico, is expected to make landfall in Louisiana.

With Government Shut Down, Science Idles

As the budgetary stalemate in Washington continues, many federally funded science projects are now on hold. Matthew Hourihan of the American Association for the Advancement of Science describes some of the effects of the funding impasse on research programs, from the CDC to NASA.

Tasteless Or Not? Restaurant Puts Communion Wafer On Burger

Kuma's Corner, a Chicago eatery, says the dish is in honor of a Swedish heavy metal band that dresses in religious robes. Critics say it makes a mockery of something that is holy to Catholics and many other Christians.

'The Fade': Four Barbers, Three Continents, One Film

A new film The Fade shows that from Accra to New Jersey, the barbershop has a special place in the black community. Host Michel Martin talks to the film's director, Andy Mundy-Castle about what he learned from following four barbers across the world.