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Does It Help To Call People Out On Their Hate?

Brittney Cooper was on an airplane when, out of the corner of her eye, she caught alarming words on her seatmate's phone. The fellow passenger was texting a message about Cooper's race and weight. Host Michel Martin talks to Cooper about what she did next, and what she was hoping to accomplish.

Study: Whites Think Black People Feel Less Pain

Racial disparities exist, but what causes them can be complicated. Harvard anthropology student Jason Silverstein says it has to do with a lack of empathy. Host Michel Michel Martin talks with Silverstein about a Slate article he wrote titled, 'I Don't Feel Your Pain.'

Def Con Hacking Conference Puts Feds In 'Time-Out'

One of the world's largest and most open gatherings of hackers is asking federal workers to skip this year's event. "Our community operates in the spirit of openness, verified trust, and mutual respect," the founder of the Def Con conference says.

Hipsters Off The Hook: The Truth Behind Abandoned Backyard Chickens

Unwanted chicks are filling up some city shelters around the country, and some activists are blaming fair-weather hipster farmers. But a closer look reveals another root cause: When urban farmers order hens, they often end up instead with roosters — illegal in many cities.

Join The Twitter Roundtable: What Makes A City 'Smart'?

Can technology help cities become more efficient and sustainable? Or does the drive toward a new kind of "technopolis" raise concerns about privacy, equity and cost? Please join the NPR Cities Project for a Twitter conversation about technology and urban innovation.

Country Star Randy Travis In Critical Condition After Stroke

The singer was hospitalized on Sunday for treatment of a viral respiratory illness. He was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Travis, 54, suffered a stroke on Wednesday and underwent surgery that night to relieve pressure on his brain.

What Should The U.S. Be Doing In Egypt?

Many Egyptians see U.S. conspiracies everywhere in their country and demand that America leave Egypt alone. In the U.S., many pundits say the Obama administration is standing on the sidelines and needs to get more involved.

After Crash, Why Were Asiana Passengers Told To Stay Seated?

When the jet came to a rest, passengers were first instructed to stay put. It was another 90 seconds or so before the evacuation order was given. Investigators say pilots sometimes feel it's safer to wait for emergency personnel to arrive. But when pilots realize there's a fire, there's no choice but to get out.

Tsarnaev Pleads Not Guilty To Boston Marathon Bombing

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to 30 counts Wednesday, including using a weapon of mass destruction in the bombings. Three people were killed and wounded more than 260.

Senator Express Concerns About Smithfield Foods Merger

Smithfield CEO Larry Pope tried to reassure lawmakers that the sale of his Virginia based company will not mean a transfer of jobs to China or a reduction in food safety. He appeared before lawmakers on the Senate Agriculture Committee on Wednesday.