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Summer Nights: Phoenix's Piestewa Peak

On a summer night in Phoenix, city dwellers can watch a line of head lamps inch up Piestewa Peak. The mountain rises sharply more than 1,200 feet above the neighborhoods of Central Phoenix. It's the most popular outdoor trek in the city. But in July and August the sun turns deadly there and hikers wait until it's safely below the horizon to begin their ascent. At the top, the view unfolds like magic every time — a desert city of four million people that glows red, white and orange.

Kerry: Syria's Chemical Weapons Use A Test Of American Resolve

Secretary of State John Kerry says there is clear evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its citizens. He laid out that evidence at a briefing at the State Department, and pledged a "tailored and limited" US response to hold the Assad regime accountable.

Rep. Lofgren: Congress Should Decide U.S. Action In Syria

Melissa Block speaks with Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California, about possible U.S. intervention in Syria.

Early Leader Christine Quinn Falls Back In NYC Mayoral Race

With just over a week before the New York City mayoral primary, polls show New York public advocate Bill de Blasio with a widening lead over his Democratic opponents. And they show the early frontrunner, city council speaker Christine Quinn, fading to a distant second.

Firms Brace For Possible Retaliatory Cyberattacks From Syria

Cybersecurity consultants say their phones are ringing off the hook, with U.S. companies fearing that if it comes to an attack on Syria, they could find themselves on the front lines.

N.D. Town Mulls Over Threat Of White Supremacist Takeover

The Southern Poverty Law Center says Paul Craig Cobb and his supporters planned to grab control in 16-resident Leith and declare a "White Nationalist international community."

White House Tries To Rally Support Around A Syria Strike

President Obama says the world cannot accept the use of chemical weapons on a mass scale in Syria, but much of the world seems unwilling to act in response. The president says the U.S. has not made a final decision either.

Brain Changes May Explain Stroke Risk In Migraine Sufferers

All people have brain abnormalities, but people with migraines are more likely to have ones similar to tiny strokes, a study finds. That's particularly true for people who have migraines with aura. The changes may explain why people with migraines have a higher risk of stroke.

What's Next In Syria? A Sampling Of Opinion

We look at a few stories making the rounds that examine what U.S. options are for a strike against the Damascus regime and what might follow such an attack.

Bag It, Trader Joe's Tells 'Pirate' Grocer In Canada

Faced with a lack of Trader Joe's stores, Canadian shoppers turned to Pirate Joe's, a grocery stocked with products bought across the border. In response, the big chain filed a lawsuit. Shop owner Mike Hallatt says he would happily shut down — if Trader Joe's went north.