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ACLU Posts Fed-Collected 'Suspicious' Activity Reports Online

Document requests by the ACLU of Northern California have produced an inside look at the records of suspicious activity reports gathered by federal authorities. The feds appear to be keeping files on people based on tips that fall far below the threshold of reasonable suspicion.

Senators, Economists Lobby For Yellen To Be Fed Chairman

President Obama has taken his time in choosing a new Federal Reserve Chairman. It's a four-year post so whoever he picks will lead the central bank well into the next president's term. Top contender Larry Summers withdrew his name from consideration. Analysts speculate the No. 2 at the Fed, Janet Yellen, will now be the top choice.

Starbucks Asks Customers To Leave Their Guns Behind

Starbucks — which has been caught in the cross hairs of the gun control debate — is now asking customers to consider its coffee houses gun-free zones. Until now, the company had not discouraged customers in open-carry states from bringing weapons into their stores.

Employees Rally In Support Of American, U.S. Airways Merger

Workers for American Airlines and U.S. Airways rallied in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to urge the Justice Department to speed up approval of the pending merger. The department is pushing to block the deal on the grounds that it would hurt travelers by reducing competition, and increasing airfare.

Employers Trim Health Costs By Cutting Coverage For Spouses

As health costs keep rising, many firms are trying to run their benefits programs as leanly as possible. For some, that means not paying the claims of spouses who work for other companies. It costs more to insure the typical spouse than the typical employee, one analyst says.

Poll: Half Of Americans See Russia As 'Unfriendly' Or Worse

Gallup says more Americans see Russia as unfriendly or an enemy — as opposed to friendly or an ally — for the first time in at least 15 years. The Gallup poll also found that more than half of Americans view Russian President Vladimir Putin unfavorably.

The Fed's Surprising Decision: Should You Cheer Or Boo?

The central bank's unexpected move to keep rates low for now was good news for stock investors and homebuyers, but oil prices surged and savers will have longer to wait before they see higher rates. The Federal Reserve concluded that the economy is still too weak and needs its continued help.

Atheists Start PAC To Elect Nonreligious Candidates

Secular activists who count themselves among the "nones" — as in atheists, agnostics or those of no definite religious affiliation — say they hope a new political action committee will stiffen the backbones of lawmakers who may be too afraid to openly state their doubts about the existence of a divine author of the universe.

Navy Yard Shooter's Mother Speaks Out As Inquiry Continues

As the investigation into the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday continues, the mother of Aaron Alexis released a statement expressing her deep sympathy for the families of the victims. President Obama says he'll attend a memorial service for the victims this weekend, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the Defense Department will undertake a rapid review of security procedures.

Flood Damage Shuts Down An Entire Colo. Town

Flooding in Colorado has so devastated some parts of the state that whole towns will need to shutter themselves temporarily. Estes Park, a popular summer resort city along the Big Thompson River, is home to about 6,000 people. But the flooding has left businesses without storefronts and residents looking for housing, so the entire town is closing itself down.