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Car Factories Turn Robots And Humans Into Co-Workers

In the past, robots had been seen as being too unsafe to place alongside humans on the assembly line without the benefit of a safety barrier.

Alleged Navy Yard Shooter Got Clearances Despite Troubled Past

Aaron Alexis, who police say killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, had a troubled service record and showed signs of mental instability. But the former Navy reservist's past did not prevent him from obtaining a secret-level security clearance or access card.

William Daley Has Left The Arena

William Daley has long seemed to be most in his comfort zone as the backroom wheeler-dealer, the guy behind the guy who got elected. So in some ways, his decision to quit the Illinois governor's race is no surprise.

Calculated To Win: Supercomputers Power America's Cup

The 2013 America's Cup isn't just about speed demons racing faster than the wind. These days, the 162-year-old international sailing competition is being powered by supercomputers. Tech teams are crunching the numbers to make small changes that mean a big difference in speed.

The Occupy Movement At 2: Many Voices, Many Messages

Demonstrators packed lower Manhattan on Tuesday, two years after the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. While Occupy's prominence has faded since becoming a household name in 2011, its supporters say the group's concerns have helped prompt a national conversation about income inequality.

Navy Yard Shooting Raises Question Of Security Adequacy

The investigation continues into the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. Authorities are trying to learn more about the shooter, Aaron Alexis. He received an honorable discharge from the Navy even after displaying a pattern of misconduct that included incidents involving guns. And members of Congress are asking whether security at the Navy Yard was adequate.

How Slavery Shaped America's Oldest And Most Elite Colleges

In Ebony & Ivy, an MIT historian details how the nation's colleges helped justify and benefited from the slave trade.

Memorials Held For Washington Navy Yard Shooting Victims

The names of all of the victims of yesterday's shootings at the Washington Navy Yard have now been released. Twelve people, mostly civilian employees of the Navy, were killed when a gunman opened fire in an office building in the complex Monday morning. The shooter also died. Memorials for some of the victims were held across the city Tuesday.

Judge Voids New Orleans Police Officers' Murder Convictions

A judge has ordered a new trial for five former New Orleans police officers who were convicted of civil rights violations in the fatal shooting of two unarmed people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina due to "grotesque prosecutorial misconduct." Robert Siegel talks to WWNO reporter Eve Troeh about the decision.

Navy Yard Is The Latest Mass Shooting During Obama's Tenure

President Obama has had more than his fair share of experience responding to mass shootings. How have these events have shaped Obama's presidency, and how has the president tried to respond?