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Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran Gets A Tea Party Challenge

The conservative firepower behind Mississippi senator's primary election opponent suggests Cochran will need to take the race seriously.

Painkiller Overdose Deaths Strike New York City's Middle Class

Accidental drug overdoses have long been seen as problems more common in neighborhoods that are poor and troubled. But prescription opioids have brought overdose deaths to the middle class, a study in New York City finds. Opioid overdoses were more common in higher-income neighborhoods than heroin overdoses.

Friday Morning Political Mix

Republicans fret, Democrats gloat at end of shutdown/debt crisis, and both refocus on coming battles over budget and the rollout of the nation's health care plan

Can GOP, Democrats Come Together On A Budget By Dec. 13?

More than a month before the Jan. 15 deadline on government spending expires, a bipartisan, bicameral committee is expected to produce a compromise budget.

During Shutdown, EPA Office Finds Old Soup In Office Fridge

Even after sending home nearly all its staff during the shutdown, the Chicago office of the Environmental Protection Agency managed to detect a potentially toxic substance. A 16-year-old can of Campbell's soup was discovered in a refrigerator there.

San Francisco BART Transit Workers On Strike

The unions have demanded a bigger share of the system's $125 million surplus. BART serves 200,000 riders each day.

Obamacare Fight Leads Sen. Roberts To Turn Against Old Friend Sebelius

Despite their failure to defund the health care law, Republicans still detest it — and now there's a movement underway to oust Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. What's unexpected is that the effort is being led by Sen. Pat Roberts, a fellow Kansan she has long had close ties to.

Saguaro National Park Welcomes Return Of Visitors

Now that the partial government has ended, National Parks are being reopened. On Thursday, rangers at Saguaro National Park in Arizona let visitors in to bike and hike the trails. Open during the shutdown was the sector headquarters for the Border Patrol in Tucson.

Post Shutdown, Tourists Are Back In Line To See Liberty Bell

In Philadelphia, tourists in line to see the Liberty Bell are happy the partial government shutdown is over. But they are not looking forward to the possibility of another debt ceiling showdown early next year.

Apple Hires Burberry CEO To Improve Customer Experience

Earlier this week, it was announced that Apple hired Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts to revive its network of Apple stores. Those stores used to provide unique, highly efficient customer service but are struggling now because of competition from other computer stores that have adopted Apple's retail business model.