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In La., Families Still Searching For Storm-Scattered Remains

In August, Hurricane Isaac's 12-foot storm surge plowed through cemeteries in Plaquemines Parish, ripping tombs off their foundations and displacing the remains of almost 200 people. About 60 are still unidentified, and at least one is missing.

Moore Students And Teachers Gather For One More School Day

In Moore, Okla., schools opened their doors today to give students and teachers a chance to reconnect once more before the summer.

For Second Time, Moore Family Loses Home To A Tornado

The tornado that devastated Moore, Okla., Monday destroyed some 12,000 homes, according to Oklahoma City Police. And for one family, it was the second house they've lost to a tornado in the past 14 years. Rena and Paul Phillips say that the recent loss won't make them move.

Breaking Down Obama's New Blueprint For Fighting Terrorism

In a major speech, the president rejects the idea that the country can fight an opened-ended "global war on terror." In setting his own guidelines, he defines the standards for using drone strikes and again calls for closing the Guantanamo Bay prison.

NOAA Predicts Above-Average Hurricane Season

Forecasters predict as many as six major hurricanes in the Atlantic this year due in part to warmer-than-average ocean temperatures.