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American Held In North Korea Reportedly Oversaw Guerrilla Group In War

Some of Merrill Newman's former comrades say the group was "perhaps the most hated and feared fighters" of the Korean War. It's being put forward as a possible explanation for why the 85-year-old, who visited the country as a tourist in October, was detained.

Overweight And Healthy: A Combo That Looks Too Good To Be True

The proposition that some extra weight may not be a health worry has sparked a heated medical debate. Some studies have found that a little extra fat might have benefits. A new analysis suggests that for almost all people excess weight increases the risk of death and disease.

U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science

American 15-year-olds scored below average in math among the world's most-developed countries, according to rankings released every three years. They were close to average in science and reading.

Independent Bookstores Offer 'Cider Monday'

They invited customers to step away from their computers and stop by for a free cup of apple cider. The celebration was first proposed by The Toadstool Bookshops in New Hampshire. They promised their "servers" wouldn't be overloaded.

How 2013 Became The Greatest Year In Gay Rights History

From the White House and the Supreme Court on down, gay rights advocates have won a string of victories this year. Many Americans remain opposed to same-sex marriage, but support for gays and gay marriage has been rising — particularly among young people.

Why FISA Court Judges Rule The Way They Do

Newly disclosed court opinions and statements from the Obama administration raise big questions about whether the National Security Agency's surveillance programs are too complicated for anyone to understand or oversee. Self-policing comes with big challenges. Is it possible to control the vast spy agency?

More Employees Agree To Fragmented Hours To Get Work

The economy adds a decent number of jobs every month but there are big questions about the quality of some of those jobs. Many people getting hired these days do not have anything resembling a regular schedule and work fragmented and unpredictable hours.

PISA Test Results For U.S. Students Are 'Sobering'

International standardized test scores have been released. The test is given to students around the world every three years. It measures their knowledge of reading, mathematics and science literacy. U.S. students usually turn in mediocre performances, and this year's scores were no different.

Cyber Monday Sales Up From Last Year

Millions of consumers went online to get a crack at shopping deals for Cyber Monday. Online sales were $2 billion for the one day — up nearly 20 percent over the same time last year.

As Rent Soars, Longtime San Francisco Tenants Fight To Stay

Another tech boom has brought an influx of money and new residents to San Francisco, and people who have long called the city home are being evicted from their apartments. Tenants and community organizers are demanding that the city do something to stop residents from being pushed out.