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Death Row Inmate Fights For Right To Die In Oregon

Convicted murderer Gary Haugen has spent more than 30 years in prison; he's been on death row since 2007. And if he had his way, he would schedule his execution tomorrow. But the Oregon Supreme Court must decide whether Haugen can die — or if Gov. John Kitzhaber's reprieve of him should stand.

As His Home Melts Away, Teenager Sues Alaska

Nelson Kanuk, an 18-year old Yup'ik Eskimo, has seen the permafrost his home is built on melt, and in a year or two the house could be gone. Kanuk argues the state needs to take more action on climate change.

Detroit Is 'Olympics Of Restructuring,' New Emergency Manager Says

Earlier this month, Michigan's governor declared that the city is in a financial emergency. The city government is running a huge deficit and faces huge debts. Now, a lawyer with experience in bankruptcies is coming in to try to straighten things out.

Crime Lab Scandal Leaves Mass. Legal System In Turmoil

Lawyers, prosecutors and judges across Massachusetts are sorting through thousands of cases that may now unravel. With a former chemist accused of falsifying more than 30,000 test results, hundreds of former defendants have already been released and police are bracing for an uptick in crime.

Steubenville Rape Case Fuels Anger, Soul-Searching

Inside a courthouse in Steubenville, Ohio, a judge is considering whether a 16-year-old girl was so drunk that she couldn't consent to sex with two high school football players. Outside, the case continues to spur debate over teen drinking, sex, football culture, and the ability of social media to amplify it all.

Fla. Lieutenant Governor Resigns Amid Probe Of Internet Cafe

In Florida, an investigation into storefront Internet gambling parlors has forced the resignation of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, who is stepping down because of her involvement with a group called Allied Veterans of the World. The group runs dozens of what it calls "Internet cafes" — storefront operations where people essentially gamble using electronic slot machines.

Alabama's Governor Signs Education Bill Allowing School Choice

Alabama's Gov. Robert Bentley has signed a sweeping education bill that gives tax credits to parents who want to transfer their children from a failing public school to another public or private school. The bill became law one day after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled a lawsuit against it was premature.