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Wednesday Morning Political Mix: Troll, Trial, Tribulation

President Obama and Republicans feeling the heat, as bad news about the administration's health care rollout piles up, and the GOP continues to assess damage from its role in the government shutdown. Elsewhere, Detroit watches a bankruptcy trial.

Fired White House Aide Admits He Was Twitter Troll

Jofi Joseph, who worked on issues related to nuclear non-proliferation, was tweeting as @natsecwonk. The posts included insulting comments about other administration officials and politicians from both parties. They were also critical of policies he was helping develop. Joseph is now out of a job.

Most Attractive Accent? The Southern Drawl, Y'All

The dating site has released a survey rating regional accents. The most attractive accent in North America is the Southern drawl. The New York accent came in second. Rounding out the top 5: the New Jersey, Boston and Western accents.

After Four Decades, Cuomo Finally Watches 'The Godfather'

When the movie The Godfather came out in 1972, a young New York lawyer and future governor named Mario Cuomo didn't see it. He objected to stereotyping Italian-Americans as mobsters. But as first reported by The New York Times, Cuomo has finally ended his 41-year boycott and had a look.

At Walt Disney World, Mickey Breaks His Silence

Walt Disney World in Orlando announced this week that after four decades of awkward silence, Mickey Mouse is now talking to visitors. Mickey hasn't spoken individually to guests at Orlando's Magic Kingdom since it opened in 1971.

Why Is Saudi Arabia Bickering With The U.S.?

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia are close allies, and when there's a problem, it's usually handled quietly. But in a rare display of public anger, the Saudis are expressing their strong opposition to U.S. policies toward Syria and Iran.

What Congress Can Learn From Mayors

Mesa, Ariz., Mayor Scott Smith, who is also president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, talks with David Greene about the challenges Washington's perpetual crises create for cities and what he thinks D.C. can learn from the way mayors govern.

States' Refusal To Expand Medicaid May Leave Millions Uninsured

The idea was that Medicaid would expand to include people not covered under the Affordable Care Act. But many states have chosen not to expand coverage, despite financial incentives from the federal government. That may leave millions of people without any health coverage at all.

It's City Vs. Creditors In Detroit Bankruptcy Trial

Grappling with $18 billion in long-term debt, Detroit makes it case for bankruptcy in court Wednesday. The business community says Chapter 9 protection will help the city turn itself around, but some big creditors will testify that the city hasn't done enough to find the money it needs.

For Democrats, Obamacare Web Woes Create 2014 Headache

When House Democrats are briefed about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act Wednesday, they'll be looking for assurances that the federal website's problems will be ironed out.