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Wanna Be A Rock Star? NASA Needs Help Tracking Asteroids

The White House and NASA want the public's help in hunting for asteroids that could potentially smash into Earth. They're also looking for a perfect space rock to capture so that astronauts could go there and study it.

Fed Leaves Interest Rates And Bond Purchase Plan Untouched

The Federal Reserve will continue its program of purchasing $85 billion in securities and will leave the target interest rate for federal funds untouched to support the U.S. economy, the U.S. central bank said in a policy update issued Wednesday afternoon.

Oops. Wrong Birth Year Fixed On NYC Mayor Koch's Tombstone

The gravestone incorrectly listed his birth year as 1942, instead of 1924. The engraver has corrected the error.

Exhibit Explores US History of 'Rights' Versus 'Privileges'

The National Archives' upcoming exhibit, 'The Record of Rights,' is about the human rights struggles faced by women, African-Americans, and immigrants in the U.S. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with one of the exhibit's curators about some of the more unique items on display.

'Teenpreneur' Makes Money Off Great-Grandma's Hair Recipe

Leanna Archer was just nine-years-old she began using her Haitian great-grandmother's recipe to sell homemade hair care products. Today, she's the CEO of a six-figure business. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with the now 17-year-old CEO about being a 'teenpreneur.'

Hair Touching Is A No-No

Two black sisters were fed up with people asking to touch their hair. To create a public dialogue, they asked models to hold signs encouraging strangers to touch their hair. But what they saw as an educational moment quickly became controversial. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with the sisters about where their conversation is now.

IRS Staffer: 'What I Did Was Not Targeting'

More interview transcripts from the IRS investigation are released but there's still no evidence of a direct connection to the White House.

U.S. To Test The Waters With Iran's New President Rohani

Iran's newly elected president is signaling he might take a more pragmatic, moderate approach to nuclear negotiations with major world powers. But there's a lot of debate in Washington policy circles about what Hassan Rohani's election might mean for the U.S.

U.S. Automakers Are On A Roll, But Hiring Is Slow And Steady

Profits for the nation's carmakers are on the rise, but after years of doing more with less, higher profits are unlikely to translate into significant numbers of new jobs. There are eight fewer plants and hundreds of thousands fewer workers in the industry than before the Great Recession.

Tick Tock: Make The Serve, Pitch, Putt Or Shot

In baseball, golf and tennis in particular, we are being slowly lulled to sleep before every pitch, every shot. Hurry up already, says commentator Frank Deford.