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Immigration Measure Faces Test In Senate, Rival Bill In House

The immigration overhaul proposed by a bipartisan group of senators has been passed out of committee and will soon be brought before the Democratic-led Senate. Less clear, though, is where the issue is headed in the GOP-controlled House, where another bipartisan group is at work on its own bill.

Natural Gas Export Plan Unites Oregon Landowners Against It

The natural gas industry wants to export more of its commodity, but first it has to build infrastructure. In Oregon, companies want to build a 230-mile pipeline and an export terminal on the coast. Some welcome the new jobs, but others worry about environmental consequences.

Political Battles Still Dog Redistricting In California

Voters in the state took the job of drawing district lines out of the hands of legislators and instead created an independent commission. But the resulting maps still sparked legal challenges and charges of a tainted process.

For Ailing Vets In Rural Areas, Telemedicine Can Be The Cure

For many veterans in out-of-the-way locations, getting medical care at a VA facility can be expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. Telemedicine is changing that, providing access to doctors over the Internet.

U.S. Embassy Officials Wounded In Caracas Nightclub Shooting

Police in Caracas say the shooting occurred after a fight broke out at a local nightclub. The State Department says the wounds are not life-threatening.

Head Of White House Economic Council To Step Down

The chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers will return to Princeton in the fall to resume his post as a professor of economics.

Gulf Coast States Get Creative With BP Oil Spill Money

Oil giant BP has agreed to pay $1 billion for coastal restoration along the Gulf of Mexico because of the 2010 oil spill. But the nature of some of the projects, including boat ramps and a beachfront hotel, has some environmental groups raising questions about what counts as coastal restoration.

For Chris Christie, Obama Connection Has Risks, Rewards

Could New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential aspirations be damaged by his friendly relationship with President Obama?

Cruise Industry Adopts Passenger 'Rights' As Incidents Mount

About 2,200 passengers were being flown back to Baltimore after their cruise ship caught fire on its way to the Bahamas. It was the latest black eye for the cruise industry, which is now trying to reassure passengers it's OK for them to sail. An industry group said it has adopted a passenger "bill of rights."