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View Of Snowden's Exile Life As He Gets Whistle-Blower Award

On Thursday, we saw the first image of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden since he was granted temporary asylum in Russia in August. He's shown in a photograph taken in Moscow getting an award for being a whistle-blower. Melissa Block talks to one of the fellow whistle-blowers who gave him the award, Thomas Drake, from Moscow to get a glimpse of Snowden's life of exile in Russia.

Billionaire's Gift Reopens Some Head Start Programs

Melissa Block speaks with Dora Jones, director of the Cheaha Regional Head Start in Talladega, Alabama, to gauge the effect of a recent $10 million private donation to the National Head Start Association.

Electric Football, Invented In 1948, Still Alive And Buzzing

There's a cult following for the game that most of America threw out when video games came along. It's more competitive than ever. And in the eyes of some, it's art.

More Meetings But No Deal Yet On Debt Ceiling, Shutdown

President Obama met this afternoon with Senate Republicans. There's no agreement yet but the parties appear to be working towards a deal to raise the federal debt limit and re-open the government.

Why A Peanut Butter Test For Alzheimer's Might Be Too Simple

Researchers at the University of Florida are suggesting that the smell test could determine whether someone is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. But the discovery comes with caveats and lots of skepticism about how useful a test it would really be.

McDonald's President Was Caught Off Guard By Low-Wage, Single Mom

McDonald's USA President Jeff Stratton has been criticized on social media for his videotaped response to an employee who confronted him and complained that she doesn't make enough to feed her kids. But a spokeswoman for the company says McDonald's has a long history of promoting from within.

What's In That Chicken Nugget? Maybe You Don't Want To Know

Doctors in Mississippi dissected the nuggets from two national fast-food chains and discovered that they're only 50 percent meat — at best. Chicken nuggets may be the crispy finger-food favorite of many a young child, but at least in their samples, "chicken" might be a misnomer, the researchers say.

Air Force Fires Top U.S. Missile Commander

Maj. Gen. Michael Carey led the 20th Air Force, which maintains and operates the country's land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles. He was relieved of his command over an issue concerning his behavior while on temporary assignment.

At Urban Summit, A Feeling Of 'The Feds Can't, But We Can'

Passing mentions of the U.S. government during this week's international CityLab gathering of mayors, city planners and urban experts in New York City sent knowing chuckles rolling through the audience.

Utah Allowed To Reopen National Parks — And Foot The Bill

The state's Republican governor, Gary Herbert, wasted no time in wiring $1.67 million to Washington overnight so that some of the park areas can open as early as today. That's enough to keep the areas open for at least 10 days.