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S.C. Court Orders 'Baby Veronica' Adoption Finalized

The emotional legal case over custody of a young girl, which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, appears to have come to an end. South Carolina's highest court on Wednesday ordered the adoption of 3-year-old "Baby Veronica" finalized. She will live with a white couple, not her Native American father.

How The Death Of A 12-Year-Old Changed The City Of Dallas

Forty years ago, a white police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was handcuffed in a police car. Santos Rodriguez's death sparked outrage and spurred changes in the city's police force.

Why The Latest Gulf Leak Is No BP Disaster

Deep-sea natural gas reservoirs sometimes contain oil, but experts say it's highly unlikely Tuesday's accident in the Gulf of Mexico would leak anything like the BP spill. And there are signs suggesting the only thing crews have to deal with is leaking gas.

How A Family Copes With Schizophrenia And Suicide

Serious mental illness can take a toll — not only on the person experiencing the symptoms but on family members, too. The Bell family still struggles with the loss of Homer, their son and brother, who recently killed himself after living with schizophrenia for 30 years.

Proposed House Amendment Would Limit NSA's Authority

The House is voting on Wednesday on whether to take away funding from the National Security Agency for the program that collects the phone records of Americans. The amendment to the defense spending bill has the support of liberal Democrats and libertarian Republicans, but is opposed by the Obama administration.

Obama Kicks Off Economic Speaking Tour In Illinois

Returning to the Illinois college where he started addressing national issues as a senator eight years ago, President Obama talked of the role government needs to play in sustaining and expanding the economy's recovery on Wednesday.

Obama Speech Part Of Attempt To Refocus Economic Policy

Robert Siegel speaks with Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, following President Obama's speech on the economy in Galesburg, Ill.

Offshore Drilling Rig Remains On Fire In Gulf Of Mexico

A natural gas well off the Louisiana coast has caught fire after a blowout forced the evacuation of 44 workers. It is unclear how long it will take to extinguish the blaze.

'Bat Cave' Road In Chicago Accessible To Only A Few

In Chicago, there's a 2.5 mile roadway that the city's mayor calls the "Bat Cave." It's been around for more than a decade but it's more secret than public. The mini-highway was designed to ferry conventioneers to Chicago's massive McCormick Place convention hall. It's also a favorite of politicians with just the right amount of clout. Now, some want taxis to have access too.

Senate Passes Student Law Legislation To Lower Interest Rates

After much drama, the Senate finally voted on a student loan bill that would tie the borrower's rate to the 10-year Treasury note on Wednesday. The proposal is a bipartisan compromise and similar both to a House plan and one offered by President Obama.