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Dear Apple: Good Luck Against The Smartphone Black Market

The new iPhone's fingerprint recognition technology is the company's first major effort to combat smartphone theft. But with an insatiable global appetite for the devices, will it really make a difference?

Crowded Field Tries To Make Baseball's Post Season

The end of Major League Baseball's regular season is less than two weeks away. It's the time of year when a long plodding season breaks into an all-out sprint among teams trying to qualify for the playoffs. The field this year is especially crowded as a few of the usual suspects are joined in the chase by some newcomers.

Calling Obesity A Disease May Make It Easier To Get Help

If obesity were a disease, would you be more likely to seek medical help because insurance would pay for treatment? Or would you feel stigmatized and just give up? That's the debate surrounding increased efforts to classify obesity as a disease.

Getting Personal With Your Health Insurance Exchange Questions

Can I wait to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare until I get sick? Do young people really have to buy it? And isn't Obamacare really a negative term? Julie Rovner answers these and more as opening day looms for the new health exchanges.

White House Takes Stock Of Financial Crisis Five Years Later

Five years ago this week, Lehman Brothers collapsed, and America's financial crisis began. On Monday morning, President Obama will mark the anniversary with a speech in the White House Rose Garden. The White House released a new report ahead of the address, assessing how the government's efforts to stabilize the economy turned out.

What Is The Role Of Jails In Treating The Mentally Ill?

The United States incarcerates hundreds of thousands of inmates with mental health needs. Prisons and jails are trying to provide support, but incarceration is far from therapeutic, and leaving the prison system can leave people without any health care.

Summers Pulls Out Of Running To Be Federal Reserve Chief

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers informed President Obama of his decision in a phone call Sunday. He had been considered a front-runner to replace Ben Bernanke, but faced opposition from Democrats in Congress.

Microphones Made With Magic Of Alchemy, Science Of Sound

Host Jacki Lyden digs deep into the history of the microphone and visits a couple who carefully build microphones modeled after some of the world's legendary microphones. (This story originally aired on All Things Considered on April 20, 2008.)

Writing Noir Poetry, With L.A. As A Backdrop

Suzanne Lummis is the daughter of a California pioneer, a local legend and a woman who has turned her life's misadventures into edgy poetry. She speaks with host Jacki Lyden about noir poetry set in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Obama Says He And Iran's Rowhani Have Exchanged Letters

Asked if he had reached out personally to Iran's President Hasan Rowhani, Obama answered, "I have. And he's reached out to me." The two have exchanged letters, he confirmed in an interview with ABC that aired Sunday.