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Rooftop Farming Is Getting Off The Ground

Urban farmers are eyeing rooftops that are already green as potential sites to grow food. But there are big obstacles to rooftop farming — from permitting to transporting water and soil to the top of a building.

Another Car, Another Watery Grave, Another Cold Case Solved?

A 1960 Studebaker was discovered in a South Dakota creek this week. Inside: what may be the remains of two high school girls who disappeared in 1971. This follows last week's discovery of two cars in one Oklahoma lake. Inside them: what may be the remains of six people who went missing decades ago.

Wednesday Morning Political Mix — Sept. 25, 2013

Some of the morning's most interesting political items included Sen. Ted Cruz's anti-Obamacare Senate talkathon... another Republican calling him a "fraud"... and congressional Democrats viewing the GOP shutdown threat as an opportunity for Democratic political gains.

99-Year-Old Iowa Woman Receives High School Diploma

Audrey Crabtree of Cedar Falls began her education in the 1920s in a one-room school house. But then she got injured in a swimming accident, and her grandma fell ill, so she didn't finish high school — 1 credit shy. This week, during a board meeting, she received her diploma from the current principal of East High.

Your Government Shutdown Questions, Answered

Will Congress get paid? Can you still get a passport? Find out what will be in store for Americans if Congress can't resolve its differences by Oct. 1.

Iran, U.S. Can Manage Differences, Rouhani Tells U.N.

Iran's new president has made his first appearance at the United Nations General Assembly. Hassan Rouhani has been signaling that his government wants a thaw in relations with the West, and may be ready to strike a deal on Iran's suspect nuclear program. There are, however, deep suspicions on both sides.

Examining Britain's Position On The Crisis In Syria

Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is leading his country's delegation to the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York. In an interview with David Greene, Clegg discusses Britain's position on the Syria crisis.

House GOP Group Forces Boehner To Choose Sides

A GOP group in the House is behind an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act through the process of keeping the federal government funded. Speaker John Boehner may have to choose whether to stand by them and force a government shutdown, or makes a deal with Democrats to avert it. Steve Inskeep talks to former Ohio Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette for insight into Boehner's dilemma.

Senate More Than Likely To Keep Obamacare Intact

Congress has just days to avoid a government shutdown when the new fiscal year starts next Tuesday. Standing in the way is a House provision that cuts off all funding for the health care law known as Obamacare. The aim is to cripple that program just when its major provisions are about to kick in. But the Senate is not expected to pass any bill that defunds or delays Obamacare.

Environmental Group Tries To Sabotage Wolf Hunting Season

In Montana and Idaho, wolf hunting season is underway, and an environmental organization known for acts of civil disobedience is trying to disrupt the hunts. Earth First is circulating a manual that details among other things how to dismantle traps. Authorities say some of the tactics are illegal.