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'Justice For Trayvon' Movement Struggles To Find Focus

For more than a year, supporters of the movement rallied behind a common goal: Make sure George Zimmerman stood before the bar of justice. But after Zimmerman's acquittal, that united front has splintered.

Tucson Food Bank Helps The Needy Grow Their Own Food

As the number of people seeking emergency food aid continues to grow, food banks have started thinking about what more they can do to help their clients become more self-sufficient. Some, like the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, are teaching people to grow food at community farms and helping them set up home gardens.

Public Opinion May Give Russia An Edge In Snowden Case

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden remains in diplomatic limbo in the transit zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, an irritant to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has little sympathy for Snowden, but doesn't want to appear to cave in to U.S. demands for his return.

Emergency Summit On Urban Violence Opens In Chicago

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus hosted a day-long meeting on guns, youth and gang violence in Chicago. They plan to hold forums in New Orleans and Baltimore, and take a list of solutions to urban violence to Washington.

Pie-Deprived New Orleans Roots For Bakery, A Year After Fire

Eating a Hubig's fried fruit pie has been a ritual for decades for the local food-obsessed in New Orleans. But a year ago, a fire destroyed the baking facility and much of its custom machinery from the 1920s. Rebuilding is a long and expensive road, but fans are eagerly awaiting the bakery's comeback.

50 Years On, Research On Sex Can Still Be A Lightning Rod

Virginia Masters, who died this week at age 88, pioneered the rigorous scientific study of sex. Even though the field has gone mainstream, scientists say they can still run into trouble with Congress and advocacy groups for choosing to look into sexual behavior and biology.

Trayvon Martin's Mother Finds New Role As An Activist

Sybrina Fulton, mother of slain teen Trayvon Martin, is moving from the role of grieving parent to full-blown advocate. On Friday, Fulton spoke to the Urban League convention, where thousands are gathered. Meanwhile, a juror in the case is saying defendant George Zimmerman "got away with murder."

Cleveland Kidnapper Pleads Guilty, Avoiding Death Penalty

The Cleveland man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive in his home has pleaded guilty to hundreds of charges in exchange for dodging the possibility of the death penalty. Ariel Castro's plea means there won't be a trial and the city of Cleveland can try move beyond his gristly crimes.

The Yankees Want Him Out But Alex Rodriguez Wants To Stay

The New York Yankees and their star slugger Alex Rodriguez are embroiled in a very public dispute over his future. The Yankees want him gone, but Rodriguez says he's ready to play.

San Diego Mayor Headed To Treatment After Harassment Claims

The mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, says he's taking a leave of absence from his job to go into treatment. Over the past several days, numerous women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Robert Siegel speaks with reporter Sandhya Dirks of member station KPBS in San Diego.