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Calif. Wins Permission To Force-Feed Prison Hunger Strikers

Protesting prison conditions, some inmates have refused all food for about seven weeks. The state wants to force-feed some inmates with do-not-resuscitate orders.

Lyme Disease Far More Common Than Previously Known

Fewer than 30,000 cases of the tick-borne illness are reported each year. But the CDC says surveys of labs that test for the disease, six years of insurance claims and other surveillance methods suggest that the number of infections is actually 10 times higher.

Blurring The Border To See Two Sides

Dania Maxwell learned the most important photography lesson from her mom, an immigrant from Argentina: how to have more than one perspective.

Comptroller Compfusion: How Do You Pronounce It?

So which is it: "comptroller" or "controller?" As many of our listeners have pointed out, the correct pronunciation is controller. But that doesn't stop many New Yorkers — including the current comptroller — from saying it the other way.

3 Years Later, There's Still Work Left To Be Done On Dodd-Frank

On Monday, President Obama summoned top financial regulators to the White House to get an update on the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act. The legislation was passed in the wake of the financial crisis and is a sweeping overhaul of the nation's financial regulations. But three years after being signed into law, much of Dodd-Frank still isn't in place. Such is the difficulty of re-writing financial rules.

Sequestration Knocks Nearly 60,000 Kids Out Of Head Start

New data from the federal government show that sequestration has eliminated more than 50,000 places for children in Head Start programs this fall. Some centers preserved slots for children by cutting back hours or shortening the school year and some states stepped in to fill the funding gap.

Hurricane Sandy Study Calls For More Disaster Preparation

An Obama administration task force is recommending strategies to prepare for more disasters like Hurricane Sandy. The task force is advocating for improvements to make the electrical grid more robust and updates to flood control and building standards.

Young Chefs Disrupt The Barbecue Game In Texas

A new generation of BBQ chefs is making its mark in Texas. We check out a few with Texas Monthly barbecue critic Daniel Vaughn. (This piece originally aired on Morning Edition on July 23, 2013.)

Suit In Alabama Seeks To Stop School Choice Law

Parents in some rural Alabama counties are asking a federal court to block a new state law that gives tax breaks to families who transfer out of failing schools. They argue that their children aren't getting a fair shot at a quality education.

Kids Involved in Bullying Grow Up To Be Poorer, Sicker Adults

Lots of kids get bullied, but they get over it, right? Many don't, a study says. Children who are involved in bullying are more likely to have serious health problems as adults. They also have trouble managing money, holding jobs and maintaining relationships.