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Dad To Son: 'I Was Not Going To Let You Drop'

Josh Lampert's parents helped him through a rough period and, in his opinion, saved his life. "You do that for your kids," says his father, Chuck.

Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week

Los Angeles Unified School District started issuing iPads to its students this school year, as part of a $30 million deal with Apple. But less than a week after getting their iPads, hundreds of students had found a way to bypass software blocks meant to limit what websites the students can use.

Famous For Filibuster, Wendy Davis To Run For Texas Governor

It's been a big week for Texas politicians making national news by talking. And talking. First it was Sen. Ted Cruz, and his 21-hour filibuster-like smackdown of Obamacare. Now Wendy Davis is reportedly running for Texas governor. She, of course, is the state lawmaker who made national news with the filibuster of an abortion bill.

With Incumbents Struggling, Former Officeholders Stage Comebacks

At a time when politicians look "pathologically incapable," voters are willing to give people long absent from office another try. If things were better on their watch, why not bring them back for an encore?

What The House Wants: A Debt-Ceiling Preview

The showdown over the possible government shutdown is still going on, but already some House Republicans are thinking about the next big battle — over raising the government's debt limit. Here's a look at the list of things they want in exchange for preventing a debt default.

Doctors Say Changes In Wheat Do Not Explain Rise Of Celiac Disease

A doctor who authored the book Wheat Belly claims that changes to modern varieties of wheat have have caused the rise in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. But other doctors have other theories to explain why wheat makes some people sick.

Fresno Officials Dismantle Homeless Encampments

City officials are planning to remove a large homeless encampment on the outskirts of downtown. The California city, where 1 in 4 people live below the poverty line, has taken down three other large encampments in recent weeks. The moves have been controversial and displaced hundreds of people.

Putting Good Deeds In Headlines May Not Be So Good

Good Samaritans are celebrated in the press for doing the right thing all the time, but does all that attention lower expectations for everyday behavior?

Study: Effectiveness Of U.S. Drone Strikes Doubtful

The meta-analysis suggests that such attacks that kill militant leaders in Pakistan have little or no effect on the level of insurgent violence in neighboring Afghanistan.

Republican Tactics Slow Down Obamacare Prep

As Republicans try to figure out how to defund President Obama's health care law, some members of the party are attacking Obamacare on other fronts, too. For example, one House committee is investigating groups that were contracted to educate people about how to enroll.