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Is Rebuilding Storm-Struck Coastlines Worth The Cost?

Since Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast a year ago, the federal government has spent millions to repair the devastation. But with a changing climate, more storms — and more damage — are likely on the way. A geologist argues it's time to rethink the strategy, but Long Beach locals are thankful for the rebuilding efforts.

Song For Childhood Ghosts 'Carries On' The Sorrow

Singer-songwriter Rita Hosking grew up in a house she says was haunted. She's written a song for the ghosts of the child who died and the grieving mother who followed him.

The Truth That Creeps Beneath Our Spooky Ghost Stories

Those chills up and down your spine could mean more than just the thrill. An anthropologist tells us what these scary stories reveal. Click — if you dare — for tales of terror.

Does A Bear Drive In The Woods?

Three different bears broke into three different cars in Northern California recently. They learn how to open the doors, but they're not so good at getting out. Host Rachel Martin speaks with Anne Bryant, the executive director of the Bear League in Tahoe, Calif., a nonprofit group that helps keep bears safe in the wild.

A Ghost Story Between Brothers

The boy in the ceiling has a message. Glynn Washington, host of the storytelling radio show Snap Judgement has a tale just in time for Halloween.

A Sweet And Sour History Of Our Obsession With Candy

You may blame a love of Snickers for those too-tight jeans, but in the early 20th century, the accusations were more serious: Candy was blamed for moral and physical decay. In Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure, Samira Kawash traces our love/hate relationship with sweets.

N.Y. Chinatown Family Finds Roots In Early Chinese Cinema

The Lee family, long-known for selling insurance in New York's Chinatown, once helped produce, distribute and screen Chinese-language films — business ventures that descendants only recently discovered when putting together a new exhibit at the Museum of Chinese in America.

NBA's Biggest Rivals Go Head-To-Head For Season Opener

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose makes a much-anticipated return to the court Tuesday after sitting out a full season with a knee injury. The opening game on Tuesday pits the Bulls against Lebron James' Miami Heat, a bitter rival.

Where Fell Short Of Other E-Commerce Sites

The federal government's beleaguered health care exchange site,, shares little in common with the e-commerce sites consumers use every day. On most e-commerce sites, prices are simple to find. Not so on That may be one of the reasons relatively few visitors to the site have actually enrolled. (This story originally aired on Morning Edition on Oct. 22, 2013.)

Value In Sharing The Ratio Of CEO's Pay To Employees'?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently proposed new rules requiring public companies to disclose the ratio of CEO compensation to the average employee's pay. Host Arun Rath talks with Cornell law professor Lynn Stout about how executive pay got to be so high, and what effect the proposed rules may have.