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12, Including 3-Year-Old, shot In Chicago Park

Twelve people, including a 3-year-old child, were injured late Thursday when someone opened fire on people in a park located in Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood.

EPA Wants To Limit Greenhouse Gases From New Coal Power Plants

Under the proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency, new plants that run on coal would only be permitted to emit about half as much carbon dioxide as the average coal plant puts into the air today. Emissions from the electricity industry are already declining as utilities turn to natural gas and wind farms.

House Votes To Slash $40 Billion From Food Stamp Program

The bill would cut funding for the program over the next 10 years and affect an estimated 4 million Americans. The measure, passed narrowly along party lines, is not expected to pass the Senate.

Republicans Push Back On Obama's D.C. Court Nominees

President Obama has been able to fill one opening on a key appeals court, but three more remain. And GOP senators are signaling that they'll block those remaining nominations, saying the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals doesn't really need that many judges.

Sen. Ted Cruz Has House Republicans Seeing Red

After pressuring his House GOP colleagues to stick their necks out and only support spending bills that defund Obamacare, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz conceded Wednesday that their plan had no chance of getting through the Senate.

Boston Hospitals Share Lessons From Marathon Bombing

Every victim who arrived at a hospital alive survived the attack. But hospitals say the experience also revealed room for improvement, and they're about to share the lessons they learned at a national conference in Washington, D.C.

House To Vote On Slashing $40 Billion From Food Stamps

The House today is voting on a plan pushed its Tea Party wing to slash $40 billion from food stamps. That's twice as much as the original House farm bill contemplated, and eight times as much as the Senate bill.

Clicking The 'Like' Button Is Protected Speech, Court Rules

U.S. Circuit Judge William Traxler compared liking something on Facebook to displaying a political sign on your front yard, which the Supreme Court has found to be "substantive speech."

FBI Chief: Gunman Was 'Wandering Around Looking For People To Shoot'

In his first remarks to reporters since taking office this month, FBI Director Jim Comey addressed security concerns following the Navy Yard shootings that left 13 people dead. He also talked about sequestration and leaks on government surveillance programs.

Navy Yard Tragedy Unnerves Mass Shooting Survivors

For those in places like Aurora, Tucson and Newtown, each new mass tragedy brings back terrible memories of their own traumas. Many say the shootings offer a reminder of the need to combat violence, but none pretend to offer any easy solution.