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Strained Foster Care System A 'Meter Of Our Social Problems'

Claudia Felder spent nearly 10 difficult years in and out of the U.S. foster care system. Now 21 years old, she lives with a loving family. But there are nearly 400,000 kids in foster care, and one researcher says that the problems they face are so intractable because they are also society's problems.

Obama At Navy Yard Memorial: 'Once More, Our Hearts Are Broken'

The president spoke at the memorial for the 12 victims of Monday's shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. While acknowledging the unique grief of the families present, he also called for change to prevent future mass shootings.

In Push For 'Common' Standards, Many Parents Left Uneducated

The Common Core initiative would standardize academic goals nationwide. Forty-five states have signed on, but lawmakers in some states are rethinking their support. While both sides are stepping up their messaging, a poll out this month shows 62 percent of Americans have never heard of the Common Core.

Crash Stops Cross-Country Charity Bike Ride, Miles From Goal

Cyclist Jacob Landis, who rode more than 10,000 miles to raise money for cochlear implants, will miss out on the final miles of his ride after being hit by a truck Saturday. Landis' goal was to ride to every Major League Baseball stadium; he says he'll still go to the final game on his schedule.

EPA Gives Coal-State Democrats A Chance To Sound Republican

Democrats in coal-producing states will likely use every chance they get to separate themselves from President Obama in voters' minds. The EPA's new power plant rules are just such an opportunity. After all, Obama is about as unpopular in those states as coal is popular.

U.S. Helicopter Crashes In Red Sea, With 5 Aboard

A U.S. Navy helicopter has crashed in the Red Sea, carrying a crew of five, the military service says. The status of the crew is not yet known; a search and rescue effort was begun after the crash. "The crash was not due to any sort of hostile activity," the Navy says.

The Sad Death Of An Adjunct Professor Sparks A Labor Debate

After 25 years of teaching French for Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, 83-year-old Margaret Mary Vojtko was let go. She died shortly after, penniless and nearly homeless. Her story has spurred sharp anger over the treatment of part-time faculty.

Bostonians Vote On New Subway Map

Map expert Max Roberts says Boston's polling of residents on a subway map is a bad idea. The University of Essex psychology lecturer tells host Rachel Martin that in subway maps, the correlation between usability and likability is zero.

The Promises And Pitfalls Of Social Media — For Police

More and more, cops are using social media as a tool to investigate crimes and reach out to their communities. And it's not just a fad of funny tweets or YouTube surveillance videos — some are saying it's becoming a necessary tool for policing.

An Introduction To What's New And What's Next

The online magazine Ozy launched Monday, offering readers a streamlined site with original reporting and a look at trends on the horizon. Co-founder Carlos Watson talks about his vision for the site.