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TSA: One Officer Dead, 'Multiple' Shot By Gunman At LA Airport

A suspect was shot and is in custody, authorities say, and at least six victims are being treated. Flights are delayed or diverted. Authorities have told local news outlets that the incident began around 9:30 a.m. local time when a TSA employee was shot at a security checkpoint.

A Spice Buyer On Why Pepper Is Dirty, And How It Gets Clean

Spices get dirty because of the way they're grown, stored and harvested, according to the head spice buyer for McCormick & Company. Because there are so many small farmers and shippers worldwide, that end of the supply chain is hard to control. So spices need to be sterilized before they hit supermarket shelves.

Are Low Early Enrollment Nos. A Repeat Of Mass. Experience?

Newly released figures underscore how few people were able to enroll during the website's first few days. The White House has compared that to a slow start for Massachusetts' health care program in 2006. Fact checkers say the comparison isn't quite right, though.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery, One Year Later

A year after Hurricane Sandy, recovery efforts are still ongoing, and questions remain about how to rebuild and prepare the coastlines for the next storm. A group of experts discusses rebuilding and protective options — from sea walls to "oyster-tecture" — and considers calls for a "managed retreat" from the shore.

Does Race Make A Difference To 'Stand Your Ground' Laws?

People on both sides of the debate over so-called "stand your ground" laws are using the same statistics to bolster their arguments. Host Michel Martin takes a closer look at the actual numbers with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Davis of the Tampa Bay Times.

Sanford's New Rules Say No Guns On Neighborhood Watch

More than a year and a half after Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida, Sanford's new police chief has issued new guidelines for neighborhood watch groups and volunteers. Host Michel Martin learns more from NPR correspondent Greg Allen.

Appeals Court Blocks Stop-And-Frisk Changes In New York

Tell Me More host Michel Martin and editor Ammad Omar update law and order stories from New York, Alabama, and Georgia, and they share some listener love for poet Nikki Giovanni.

Can We Compare Allen Iverson To Muhammad Ali?

The Boston Red Sox win the World Series and basketball bad boy Allen Iverson officially retires. The Barbershop guys weigh in on sports news and the other big stories of the week.

Man Behind Oregon's Famous Exploding Whale Dies

Highway engineer George Thornton, who led a 1970 operation to blow up the dead whale on a beach, died this week at age 84. Thornton's decision resulted in a foul shower of whale blubber. Whenever video of the unlikely event resurfaces, some viewers declare it a hoax.

Top Pollster Sees Evidence Of Political 'Shock Wave'

Just a few weeks ago, pollster Bill McInturff characterized the high negative ratings for Congress and the president as "ripples that will take a long time to resolve." Now, with new polling that suggests even deeper voter frustration, he says the political climate is even worse than before.