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Wednesday Political Mix: Obama's 'Read My Lips' ACA Problem

Republicans increasingly attack the Affordable Care Act for violating President Obama's vow that people could keep health plans they liked... As congressional budget talks start, the White House seems focused more on reducing sequester cuts than getting new revenue... Is there an Obamacare goldmine?

Will GPS Cannon Spell The End Of High-Speed Chases?

Police cars in Iowa and Florida are testing a secret weapon: a small cannon embedded in the grill. It shoots "tracking" bullets — containing tiny GPS devices — that can stick to the trunk of a suspect's car. Police could then follow a suspect at a leisurely pace instead of embarking on a dangerous high-speed chase.

Voters To Weigh In On Fracking In Colorado

A contentious and costly battle is taking shape in Colorado around the practice of hydraulic fracturing. In November, four communities will vote on local ballot issues seeking to limit or ban fracking. A similar measure is on the ballot in Ohio. Proponents say they're worried about health and environmental effects of the practice.

Can NASCAR Steer Itself Back Into Popularity?

Commentator Frank DeFord has some theories about why NASCAR is having trouble expanding its audience.

Hotel Construction Booms Across U.S.

Hotels are finally having a good year. As the economy has slowly improved, more people are traveling. But more heads on pillows means higher prices — especially since new hotel construction has been on hold for years. Now developers are pushing hotel projects across the country.

California City Faces Off Against Hot Sauce Factory

The Asian chili garlic sauce Sriracha is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. But dozens of Irwindale, Calif., residents have complained about the spicy smell coming from the Huy Fong factory there. Residents say the smell is causing headaches and eye and throat irritation. The city has gone to court to try to halt production until a solution is found.

Arguments Over Social Security Pit Old Vs. Young

Social Security accounts for about 20 percent of federal spending. As Congress edges toward having to come up with a new spending plan, one argument in favor of cuts is that Social Security amounts to a huge transfer of wealth from the young to the old.

For Somali Immigrants, All Politics Really Is Local

Minneapolis is home to the largest population of Somali Americans in the nation. Next week, they may see one of their own elected to the City Council for the first time.

Community Supported Canning Gets Locavores Through Winter

Farmers and small processors are marketing local canned and dry goods under the CSA model. They call small batch food processing "back-breaking work." But many of them are in it to build their local food economy.

Alabama Agrees To Permanently Gut Immigration Law

Opponents of Alabama's strict immigration law are declaring victory Tuesday, as the state agrees not to pursue key provisions of a measure critics called an endorsement of racial profiling. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the state's appeal of a ruling that effectively blocked the law.