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What If A Congressman Comes Out And Nobody Cares?

Maine Democratic Rep. Mike Michaud's announcement Monday that he's gay is expected to have little effect on his run for governor — except, perhaps, when it comes to the money race.

Bariatric Surgery Can Keep Pounds Off For Years

Three years after bariatic surgery, most people experienced health improvements. Yet some people benefited much more than others. Figuring out those differences would help doctors and patients understand who should have surgery and who should avoid it.

Why Are Pig Farmers Still Using Growth-Promoting Drugs?

There's a curious twist in the contentious debate over feeding antibiotics to animals in order to make them grow faster. Evidence suggests using antibiotics for growth promotion, at least among pigs, doesn't even make economic sense. But some pork producers don't believe it.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act Passes First Senate Hurdle

A bill to ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity has more Senate support than ever before. But its prospects are grim in the GOP-controlled House.

Johns Hopkins Halts, Reviews Black Lung Program

Investigative reports from the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News concluded that the program "helped coal companies thwart efforts by ailing mine workers to receive disability benefits."

Child Care Costs, Already High, Outpace Family Income Gains

For 2012, Oregon was found to be the least affordable state for center-based care for a married couple with a 4-year-old, ahead of New York, Minnesota and Vermont. Overall, the costs of child care grew up to eight times faster than family income, according to a new study.

Veteran Pennsylvania Congressman Can't Escape GOP Civil War

Bill Shuster, a seven-term Republican congressman from rural, central Pennsylvania, has long been considered a social and fiscal conservative. But his vote to end the government shutdown and close alliance with Speaker John Boehner has put him on the list of GOP incumbents facing Tea Party-backed primary challenges next year.

SAC Capital Agrees To Plead Guilty To Insider Trading

The hedge fund giant also agreed to pay a $1.8 billion fine to settle charges. Prosecutors say that insider trading at the company was substantial, pervasive and on a scale without known precedent in the hedge fund industry.

Cutting SNAP Benefits Not A Snap Decision

The holidays are coming up, and that often means decadent family feasts. But things might be especially sparse for people who rely on food stamps. The Supplemental Nutrition Program, or SNAP, is being scaled back. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution about the possible effect.

Syrian Humanitarian Crisis As Bad As Rwanda?

The U.S. says the Syrian humanitarian crisis is spiraling out of control. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Anne Richard, Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees, and Migration at the U.S. Department of State.