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Despite Alzheimer's, Couple Holds Tight To Old Memories

Pansy Greene, 73, is still in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She and her husband, Winston, describe their "journey," a term they use to refer to much more than Pansy's struggle with the disease.

How To Prove You're Not A Racist

Celebrity chef Paula Deen went into damage-control mode this week after admitting to using racial slurs. How do public figures make the bad news go away and set out on the road to redemption? Public image experts weigh in.

Gay Marriage Now A State-By-State Battle

After this week's Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage, supporters and opponents are turning their attention to individual states, where several legislatures are expected to take up the issue.

Judge Who Struck Down Proposition 8 Knew Case Would Go Far

Retired federal Judge Vaughn Walker set the California gay marriage ban on its way to the Supreme Court with his ruling in 2010. On Wednesday, the high court kept his decision intact. Walker shares his insight into the justices' strategy and the controversy he's waded through as a gay judge.

Same-Sex Marriages Resume In California

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted its injunction on gay marriages in California on Friday. They'd been on hold while the challenges to Proposition 8 worked their way through the appeals process.

Prop. 8 Plaintiffs Marry In California, After Stay Is Lifted

After a circuit court removed a stay that had kept counties from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, Kristin Perry and Sandy Stier, who were plaintiffs in the Proposition 8 case, were at the front of the line to get their marriage license.

Gun Group Aims To Stop Immigration Bill

The Gun Owners of America says allowing the estimated 11 million immigrants now in the U.S. illegally to become citizens and voters would eventually help Democrats enact more gun control laws.

Police Take Different Approaches To 'The Tyranny Of 911'

Most people know to phone 911 in an emergency, but police departments are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls. Some cities use 311 lines to help divert non-emergency requests, while Miami dispatches a group of unarmed public servants to tackle many non-urgent situations.

Highs Of 117 Expected In Las Vegas, In Dangerous Heat Wave

Before noon on Friday, temperatures in parts of southeastern California, Nevada and Arizona had already topped 100 degrees. The National Weather Service says nighttime lows may not dip below 90.

Puerto Rico Rolling Out The Welcome Mat For Millionaires

The recession hit Puerto Rico's already struggling economy hard. So the island, a U.S. territory that can make its own tax laws, is pitching an attractive offer to the wealthy: Move to this warm, tropical isle and live virtually tax-free.