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Economists, Unemployed Fret Over Long-Term Jobless Aid Lapse

Democrats in Congress are promising to try to retroactively extend emergency unemployment benefits after the new year. The expiration of the benefits may satisfy some fiscal conservatives, but it has some economists and many desperate job-seekers concerned.

Even An 85 MPH Highway Can't Fix Austin's Traffic Tangle

The Texas capital is growing rapidly, and its roads and freeways are packed. A toll road was built east of the city to help alleviate the problem, but few drivers use it. Experts agree that the city has to do something — and soon — to address its congestion woes if Austin is to retain its quirky character.

To Make Science Real, Kids Want More Fun

In a new poll, many parents said they're worried that schools aren't adequately preparing students for a changing workforce. And too much emphasis on memorizing facts in the classroom, both parents and kids say, is keeping young people from getting excited about science and technology careers.

It's Called 'Africa.' Of Course It's About Race, Right?

Defining when something is or isn't about race can be tricky. So people tend to go by a simple rule of thumb: Does it involve people who aren't white? If so, it's about race. Eric Deggans explains why this is a problem.

Pastor Says He Will Minister To Gays Even If He's Defrocked

Rev. Frank Schaefer was convicted and suspended at a church trial last month of violating the Methodist Book of Discipline by presiding over his son's same-sex wedding ceremony.

New Year Likely To Ring In Old Debt Ceiling Fight

The good news is that the budget agreement moving through Congress takes another costly government shutdown off the table. The bad news? It looks like another debt ceiling clash is right around the corner.

Is Silicon Valley Automating Our Obsolescence?

Silicon Valley has created mind-boggling amounts of wealth. Entire industries have been invented here. Billionaires are minted annually, but inequality is rising rapidly and the middle class is thinning out. Could the same technology that's making so many so rich undermine the labor market?

All Aboard! Real-Life Polar Express Chugs Through Michigan

Every brake screech, whistle and rattle from the movie The Polar Express came from recordings of a historic locomotive, the Pere Marquette 1225. After four years of costly repairs, passengers can once again jump onboard and travel to see Santa Claus at the North Pole (imagination required).

FDA Asks For Proof That Antibacterial Soaps Protect Health

Many soaps and other consumer products have chemicals that are advertised as antibacterial. But there's no evidence that they actually keep people from getting sick, the FDA says. And they may increase the threat of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

Here Are The Tech Execs Meeting With President Obama Tomorrow

The heads of Google, Apple, Twitter, Yahoo! and more are meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday. Check out the full list.