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Officials Say Man Planned Suicide Bombing At Kansas Airport

Authorities have arrested a 58-year-old avionics technician whom they accuse of trying to blow up the Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita. The alleged plot was thwarted by undercover officials.

Screening Room: Who Might Be The Next Black Actress On 'SNL'?

The Internet is buzzing with news of "secret" Saturday Night Live auditions for black female cast members. We've collected YouTube clips from some of the rumored hopefuls.

Week That Was: Cookie Hacking, Phone Unlocking, Year-Enders

In this week's roundup of top tech conversations and stories: how tech giants are flexing their muscles against government, Twitter's abandoned blocking policy, and how the tech empire is striking back against creeping government surveillance.

Steubenville Officials Plead Not Guilty In Rape Case

The adults face charges related to the alleged cover-up of the notorious crime or their alleged failure to report child abuse. One school official also faces a charge related to an alleged second sexual assault of a young girl. That school principal is accused of failing to report the incident.

Golden Globe Nominees: 'An Embarrassment Of Riches'

Thanks to films like 'Twelve Years A Slave,' 'Lee Daniels' The Butler' and 'Fruitvale Station,' it's been said that 2013 was the 'Year of the Black film.' But do the Golden Globe nominations support that? Host Michel Martin finds out more from Grantland's film critic Wesley Morris.

If You're Rich, Can You Say You Don't Know Right From Wrong?

A Texas teen escaped a jail sentence after being involved in a drunk-driving accident that killed four people. Defense attorneys say he suffered from 'affluenza' because his privileged parents never set limits for him. The Barbershop guys weigh in on the controversial ruling.

In The Midst Of Newtown's Grief, Pastor Says There Is Light

Reverend Matthew Crebbin had to comfort shocked residents after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 28 people last year. A year later, he speaks with host Michel Martin about the role faith played in keeping the town together.

Learn From Your Grandparents, Says Listener

Host Michel Martin and editor Ammad Omar crack open the listener inbox for Backtalk. This week, listeners spar over parents and grandparents sending mixed messages.

Spoken And Unspoken

We communicate with each other in all sorts of ways, spoken and unspoken. In this hour, TED speakers reflect on how our words and methods of communication affect us, more than you might expect.

How Does History Change The Meaning Of Words?

Etymologist Mark Forsyth shares the surprising back story on the term "president."