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Former Exec, 77, Says He Earns His Old Hourly Rate In A Week

Tom Palome was once a vice president of marketing for Oral-B; now he has two part-time jobs. His story of getting by during retirement is attracting attention and impassioned comments.

After Drop, Number Of Immigrants Illegally In U.S. Levels Off

About 11 million immigrants are living illegally in the U.S., according to a new estimate by the Pew Research Center. The number of unauthorized immigrants has stalled since the end of the recession, after dropping from a record high of 12.2 million in 2007.

8 Things To Know About A Government Shutdown

In the event of a shutdown, you'll get your mail and your entitlement check. But forget about visiting national parks and monuments, and expect delays in getting passports or visas.


Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah

Even as it continues to grapple with concerns about its data-gathering operations, the National Security Agency is poised to open a massive facility where cellphone, text message, email and landline data can be stored and analyzed.

Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General

Nineteen companies agreed to pay more than $350,000 in penalties to settle accusations that they wrote or bought phony online reviews of their products, services or restaurants.

Online Review-Rigging Firms To Pay Fines In Yogurt Shop Sting

New York's attorney general announced penalties Monday for attempts to manipulate consumers. Nearly 20 companies admit to writing fake online reviews on consumer-oriented websites.

2 Connecticut Police Officers Accused Of Intimidating Latinos

Two police officers from East Haven, Conn., face federal charges that they conspired to threaten and intimidate members of the town's Latino community. Prosecutors say the men harassed people, made unreasonable searches and seizures, and used unreasonable force.

Raising Tastier Sea Urchins For Foodies And The Environment

A scientist in Birmingham, Ala., is trying to help overharvested sea urchins, considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, find their way back to a restaurant near you. He's developed an urchin farm to help grow them more sustainably and a special feed that gives them a sweet umami taste.

A Young Afghan War Survivor Touches Two American Lives

Last year, two sisters took in Arefa, a badly burned Afghan girl, while she received medical treatment in the U.S. The sisters were ecstatic to host a goofier and wigglier Arefa during a return visit this summer, but they say the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan may make future reunions difficult.

Florida Governor Alters The Plan For Common Core

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that the state is dropping out as fiscal agent for an organization developing tests for Common Core, the new educational standards. Scott, a Republican facing re-election next year, says he agrees with many of his Tea Party supporters who want the state to drop it entirely.