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When 'Fixed Income' Means Getting By On Social Security

For Gilroy Hain, 64, his only source of income is the $1,500 a month he receives from Social Security. He spends $500 for a rented bedroom in Los Angeles, and the rest goes for food and little indulgences, like an occasional rental car. For the former aerospace industry worker who was homeless for a time, living on Social Security alone is not an easy life.

Red Sox Win World Series In 6-1 Rout Of Cardinals

The Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 Wednesday to win the World Series, using timely hits by outfielder Shane Victorino, a gritty pitching performance by starter John Lackey, and the feared bat of 37-year-old designated hitter David Ortiz to capture its third world championship in a decade.

New York OKs Raising Age For Tobacco Purchases To 21

The law, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg has promised to sign, would make New York one of a very few U.S. cities to adopt such strong restrictions.

Could Obama's Health Law Vow Mean 2014 Pain For Democrats?

A dysfunctional website is one thing. But Democrats must now also deal with how they defend President Obama's oft-repeated talking point about keeping existing coverage.

U.S. Budget Deficit Falls Under $1 Trillion; Lowest Since 2008

The U.S. government ran a deficit of $680 billion in the financial year that ended last month — the first time since 2008 the annual shortfall has been under $1 trillion. But as the AP reports, "It's still the fifth-largest deficit of all time."

Notices Canceling Health Insurance Leave Many On Edge

President Obama repeatedly said that anyone who likes their current health insurance policy would be able to keep it. But insurers have sent hundreds of thousands of cancellation notices to people who buy their own coverage — and some of them face significantly higher costs to get new policies under the Affordable Care Act.

Game 6 Of The World Series: What You Need to Know

Only one team has a chance of winning the World Series tonight in Game 6: the Boston Red Sox. The St. Louis Cardinals have a chance to lose the series — or they can force a decisive Game 7 at Fenway Park tomorrow night. Boston fans are paying top dollar for the chance to see their team clinch a World Series at home — something that hasn't happened in 95 years.

Obama Vows Problems Will Be Fixed 'ASAP'

Speaking to an audience in Boston, the president pointed to early problems with the rollout of Massachusetts' health care overhaul. Those problems were solved, he said.

Online Advice Can Hurt Teens At Risk For Suicide, Self-Harm

The Internet can offer support and encouragement to teens at risk. Public health authorities should enhance those resources while being on guard for negative information that can jeopardize the health of vulnerable young people.

Police, Community Relations Strained After Teen's Death

In the Northern California town of Santa Rosa, a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old Latino boy holding a toy gun shaped like an assault rifle. Hundreds of protesters have marched to demand a transparent investigation into the case.