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Snowden's Document Leaks Shocked The NSA, And More May Be On The Way

In the six months since leaks about NSA surveillance began, the intelligence community has struggled to cope with the ramifications of the unauthorized disclosures. With the scandal still reverberating, we take a year-end look at how NSA contractor Edward Snowden got the documents, the scale of what he took, what other categories of documents might still be revealed.

In A Divided San Francisco, Private Tech Buses Drive Tension

Some of the most heated protests in San Francisco have been over big, sleek buses — private shuttles that Silicon Valley tech companies like Google and Facebook use to get their city-living employees to work. They've become a symbol of the city's changing socioeconomic landscape.

Diary Of Influential Nazi Given To Holocaust Museum

The diary contains handwritten notes by Alfred Rosenberg, a top aide to Adolf Hitler who helped shape Nazi ideology. Sara Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, says it took 17 years to procure the diary.

Now You Can Buy Your Occupy Wall Street Poster From Walmart

Walmart, one of the country's largest corporation, is selling Occupy Wall Street posters online. The company has itself been the target of occupy demonstrations advocating for higher wages. On sale are large, panoramic posters of protesters camped out at Zucotti Park in New York City, where the movement started in 2011.

Some Competitors Say Free-Diving Needs A Safety Sea Change

Free-diving is a risky sport, involving swimming deep into the ocean without the aid of air tanks. But after a diver's death in November, some free-divers worry that the sport's governing body is still not doing enough to prevent common injuries and reel in overambitious competitors.

Bridge Controversy Could Take Toll On Chris Christie's Future

Did petty politics lead to traffic-snarling lane closures on the nation's busiest bridge? That question, which has dogged New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for weeks, could end up tarnishing his prospective 2016 presidential bid.

The Year Of Disappointing The Liberal Base: Obama, 2013

President Obama frustrated and angered many of his supporters this year, from his policies on drones and spying to his muddled message on whether to authorize airstrikes in war-torn Syria. He will end the year with sagging approval ratings.

Concussion Research Slowed By Shortage Of Donated Brains

A chronic brain disease afflicts former pro football players, boxers and others who suffer repeated brain injuries. Doctors now can only diagnose it with certainty after someone dies. But researchers are working on tests that could work while people are alive.

Report: 6.4 Million U.S. Homes Still Have Negative Equity

The percentage has been steadily shrinking thanks to rising home prices, but the highest percentage of underwater mortgages can still be found in a handful of states hardest hit by the housing crisis.

Almost All Tech Execs At White House Supported Obama Campaign

President Obama is hosting a high-profile group of technology executives at the White House on Tuesday. Almost every one was a big financial backer of the president's political career. Chad Dickerson, chief executive of Etsy, is among the group but only gave $500 to the Obama campaign.