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Novice Neurosurgeons Train On Brains Printed In 3-D

Universities and hospitals are training residents by having them practice on realistic replicas of actual patients' brains. The high-tech stand-ins allow the students to learn by making mistakes, something they're not able to do when real patients are involved.

Man Who Bilked Millions From Navy Charity Donors Gets 28 Years

John Cody, 67, had initially said he was working under 'nonofficial cover' for the CIA and that the charity he stole from was part of a secret operation.

As Far As Mom's Concerned, You'll Always Be The Little One

Parents of newborns say they're often surprised to see how much bigger their older children suddenly look. Psychologists say that may be because mothers seriously underestimate the height of their youngest children, an error that could lead to more care and attention for them.

Exploring Economic Inequality From Heart Of The Tech Boom

Something strange is going on in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the tech boom is helping lead the national economic recovery. The ultrarich are getting richer as many other Silicon Valley residents are slipping into poverty.

Community And Police Tension Boils Over In Miami Gardens

The police chief in Miami Gardens, Florida, has stepped down and the force is facing allegations of racial profiling. For more why the department is under fire and how residents are responding, host Michel Martin speaks with Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown and pastor Horace Ward.

Are Black Shoppers More Likely To Be Profiled?

Holiday shopping season is in full swing, but some people might be getting more than they paid for. Host Michel Martin talks about racial profiling, and what to do if you're a target. She's joined by Rutgers professor Jerome Williams and attorney Melba Pearson .

Twitter Battle Over Sexy Stars

#FastTailedGirls on Twitter is raising questions about stereotypes when it comes to sexuality, and how those misconceptions can affect young girls. Host Michel Martin talks with Mikki Kendall, who started the hashtag, along with The Root's Keli Goff, and Salon's Prachi Gupta.

No Amnesty For Edward Snowden, White House Says

The former NSA contractor leaked details of the National Security Agency's surveillance operations. Speculation that Snowden could get amnesty if he returns the documents was sparked by comments from the man in charge of the Snowden task force at the NSA.

Hundreds Of Thousands Still Need To Apply For Deferred Action

As the year winds to an end, NPR is taking a look at numbers that tell the story of 2013. Today's figure: half a million. That's how many people there are who likely qualify but have yet to apply for DACA.

Fresh Merger Talks Involving Time Warner Expected To Begin

Charter Communications Inc. is expected to announce a new merger offer for Time Warner Cable Co. this week. It will be the company's third such offer. Industry analysts don't expect this one to work any better.