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Federal Court Backs Calif. Ban On Conversion Therapy For Minors

California's pioneering law that prohibits treating young gay people with psychotherapy in an attempt to change their sexual orientation has cleared a constitutional challenge in federal appeals court. The law was put on hold after its opponents won an injunction last December.

Your Kitchen Spices Can Often Harbor Salmonella

Spices may add more than flavor to your food: Some harbor dangerous bacteria. Contamination has caused big outbreaks in the United States, and the FDA is looking into how to reduce the risk.

Report: Spy Agencies' 'Black Budget' Reveals Intelligence Gaps

The Washington Post reports on documents sourced to former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden that indicate critical shortfalls in information.

Third Tsarnaev Friend Indicted On Lying Charge

Robel Phillipos is accused of lying about what two other of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friends had done. Those two have been charged with trying to destroy evidence that linked Tsarnaev to the marathon bombings.

Federal Prosecutors Told Not To Focus On Marijuana Users

Attorney Gen. Eric Holder is instructing his prosecutors to concentrate on cartels, criminal enterprises and those who sell the drug to children.

The Fast-Food Restaurants That Require Few Human Workers

As fast-food workers go on strike in cities across the country, opponents argue robots could replace them if their demands for a higher minimum wage are met. But robots for fast food exist already — kind of.

Judge Hints At Helping American Airlines Out Of Bankruptcy

The airline filed for Chapter 11 in November 2011 and has been waiting to emerge from bankruptcy to complete a proposed merger with US Airways.

President To Issue New Executive Orders On Guns

The two orders would stop private individuals from importing U.S.-made military surplus weapons from abroad and close a loophole that allows some felons to skirt background checks.

HBCU President: Students Hurt By Federal Loan Policy

Tighter lending standards for certain student loans have left many people looking for other ways to pay for school. Critics say historically black colleges and universities are hit particularly hard. Host Michel Martin speaks with David Wilson, President of Morgan State University, about the situation.

Was Miley Twerking Or Just Trying?

Miley Cyrus' provocative performance at the MTV Video Music Awards got some people clapping, but many more fingers wagging. Host Michel Martin talks about the cultural implications of twerking.