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Abuse Allegations Leave Twin Cities Archdiocese In Turmoil

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis had claimed to be a national leader in handling clergy sex abuse cases. But after a whistle-blower revealed evidence of a cover-up, alleged victims are preparing lawsuits, and some parishioners are calling for the archbishop to resign.

Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Pits City Against Its Creditors

In Detroit, a trial continues to determine whether the cash-strapped city is eligible for the largest Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in U.S. history. But hundreds of creditors Detroit owes money to argue the city did not explore all the options if had to avoid bankruptcy and simply focused on Chapter 9 as its only salvation.

All's Fair In Friendship And Spying But U.S. Upped The Ante

In light of new NSA spying revelations — this time, on European leaders — Audie Cornish talks to Charles Kupchan, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, about why allies spy on each other.

U.S. Spying Takes Center Stage At EU Summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is furious about the U.S. eavesdropping on her calls. She is the latest to protest loudly to the U.S. as the EU gathers for a regular summit. The meeting should have focused on immigration and the economy, but will be sidetracked by the continued NSA spying anger.

Dangerous Fungus Makes A Surprise Appearance In Montana

Infectious disease specialists were surprised when a retired rancher in Montana tested positive for histoplasmosis, a fungal infection common in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The fungus can be spread in bird droppings, but how it got to Montana remains a mystery.

Texas Vs. Utah: A Tale Of Two Government Shutdowners

Back home, Sen. Ted Cruz has received a hero's welcome from Republicans for his role in orchestrating the budget showdown, while Sen. Mike Lee has gotten the cold shoulder.

At An Abandoned Philadelphia Prison, All Hell Breaks Loose

Eastern State Penitentiary is not only one of the nation's creepiest historical landmarks, but it is also one of its top haunted attractions. And this year, you could find yourself locked in a decaying cell all alone ... unless you count the ghosts.

Is Eastern State Penitentiary Really Haunted?

At Philadelphia's historic prison, Cellblock 12 is known for cackling and echoing voices, Cellblock 6 for shadowy figures darting along the walls, Cellblock 4 for ghostly faces. Footsteps. Wails. Whispers. For decades, people have told the same eerie stories, over and over again.

Government Shutdown Makes Its Debut In Campaign Ads

The federal government shutdown ended just a week ago, but it's already surfacing in ads for candidates in both parties. It's a preview of how candidates plan to frame the latest budget crisis in the 2014 election season.

Riding The Beast: A Dangerous Migration

The freight train known as "The Beast" carries thousands of Central American migrants on a long and perilous journey through Mexico to reach the U.S. border. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR's Jasmine Garsd about riding "The Beast," and a new book that documents its dangers.