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Stealing Candy From Your Kids? It's A Halloween Tradition

Most parents admit they take treats from their kids. That's just one of the stories in our treat bag. Also in there: the weird ways people like to eat candy corn; a beautiful shot from space of a "witch head"; and this year's "au courant costumes."

ACA Website: Is Government Technology Doomed To Fail?

The Obama administration is defending the Affordable Care Act over its faulty website, and reports that Americans are losing insurance coverage because of the law. To sort out the truth from the rumors, host Michel Martin speaks with Mary Agnes Carey of Kaiser Health News and technology developer Clay Johnson.

Does The Word "Redskins" Cause Psychological Damage?

Members of the Oneida Nation met with representatives from the NFL on Wednesday to discuss the growing call to change the Washington Redskins name. Host Michel Martin finds out how the meeting went from the Nation's representative, Ray Halbritter.

The Secret, Steamy History Of Halloween Apples

A Halloween apple was once a powerful symbol of fertility and immortality. In Europe and the early years of America, girls used apples and apple peels to divine their romantic destiny.

FAA Says Fliers Can Safely Use Most Electronics

The decision means that soon fliers won't have to turn off their e-books, tablets and other devices during some parts of their flights. Still not OK: using cellphones to make calls.

No More Guns For Neighborhood Watch In Sanford, Fla.

Police in the city where the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ignited a national debate want to reinforce a rule that neighborhood watch volunteers like George Zimmerman should not be armed.

Jobless Claims Dip For Third Straight Week

Though claims dropped by 10,000, they're still running at a pace that signals a sluggish labor market.

Edward Snowden Has Job At Russian Website, Lawyer Says

The "NSA leaker" is set to start working Friday, his attorney claims. It isn't known yet just what website he'll be working for. He's been given asylum in Russia.

Thursday Political Mix: For Obama, Halloween Comes Everyday

President Obama's approval ratings have hit a record low, according to a major poll... The Affordable Care Act's terrible launch may have set back Americans views of what government can do... Why Obama won't fire Sebelius.

Big Papi, Worst-To-First, 1918: Your World Series Must-Knows

The Boston Red Sox are world champions after beating the St. Louis Cardinals. Here's a cheat sheet about the World Series.