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Part-Time Workers Search New Exchanges For Health Insurance

Many will find better coverage with smaller monthly premiums on the exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act, insurance specialists say. But in states that decided not to expand Medicaid, some low-income part-timers are finding they don't qualify for federal health insurance subsidies.

Investigators Probe Deadly Capitol Hill Shooting

Washington, D.C's Capitol Hill was the scene of a car chase that ended in tragedy Thursday. The female suspect was pronounced dead. A female child was in the vehicle and was taken to a local hospital for observation. There were no injuries to the child. Police say it was an isolated incident with no links to terrorism.

Tesla Stock Hits Bumpy Road After Car Fire

Shares of Tesla tumbled after a video of a Model S going up in flames went viral. The electric car maker said the fire started when the vehicle struck some metal road debris, damaging the battery pack on the car's underbody. Tesla has been a stock market darling this year, but the high-end carmaker has lost billions of dollars in value in just a few days.

Mark Cuban Testifies During Insider-Trading Trial

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, took the stand on Thursday in his civil insider trading trial. The Securities and Exchange Commission says Cuban used confidential information to dump his shares of and avoid a $750,000 loss.

Twitter Releases IPO Documents

Twitter gave potential investors the first peek at its financials as the company heads toward its initial public offering. Twitter plans to raise $1 billion in its IPO and will trade under the ticker symbol TWTR. While Twitter has quickly transformed the way people communicate and comment on events, it has yet to establish itself as a business.

White House Cancels Obama's Asia Trip, Citing Shutdown

President Obama's already shortened trip to Asia was canceled Thursday, the White House calling it a casualty of the government shutdown. The White House said Obama personally called the leaders of Indonesia and Brunei to deliver the news.

What We Learned When Twitter Filed For Its IPO

Twitter has filed to go public, and it will sell shares under the name TWTR. The IPO will initially seek to raise up to $1 billion. A look at what else the social media giant's IPO filing reveals about the seven-year-old company.

Shutdown Diary, Day 3: More Talk, Little Action

The GOP-led House passed a bill to temporarily fund the National Guard and Reserve, one of the series of smaller spending bills they've used to try to shift blame for the shutdown to Democrats. The Senate, controlled by Democrats, rebuffed it.

Some Online Journals Will Publish Fake Science, For A Fee

When medical research is published in a peer-reviewed journal, the presumption is that the study has been reviewed for accuracy. The advent of open-access journals has made it easier to get published. But when a journalist sent an obviously faked paper, dozens of open-access journals said they'd be happy to publish it, for a fee.

Shutdown Quiets NASA, So Space Station Astronauts Enjoy View

With the space agency largely grounded, employees Karen Nyberg and Mike Hopkins continue to orbit 250 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station. While it's not clear they have all that much to do, their Twitter feeds show they may be getting creative — and perhaps a bit bored.