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Medicaid Looks Good To A Former Young Invincible

A 54-year-old California man has never had health insurance and wasn't much interested in the debate over the Affordable Care Act. But after some recent health setbacks, he is eager to sign up for coverage made possible by the law.

How's The Sausage Made? These Folks Really Want To Share The Knowledge

Artisanal meat producers face a big barrier to getting into the game: They have to come up with a complex food safety plan that can take months of research and tens of thousands of dollars to craft. A new project wants to make it easier for the next charcuterie master to open shop by creating an open-source safety plan that newbies can look to.

Tropical Storm Karen Heading For U.S. Gulf Coast

Oil and natural gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have already been evacuated in anticipation of the storm, which is expected to make landfall as early as Saturday.


Without Key Jobs Data, Markets And Economists Left Guessing

The Labor Department says it won't be releasing its closely watched monthly jobs figures as scheduled on Friday due to the government shutdown. That will leave Federal Reserve policymakers, economists and financial markets without key data for making decisions.

Rick Najera: A Latino In Hollywood Is 'Almost White'

Rick Najera's name may not sound familiar, but his work is famous in Hollywood. Host Michel Martin talks with the funnyman about his career and his book Almost White: Forced Confessions of A Latino in Hollywood.

How Do You Get Paid $400,000 At Carnegie Hall? Be A Stagehand

The famed hall's five full-time stagehands are on strike, and that's already forced the cancellation of one gala. Tax records show their average total compensation is more than $400,000 each a year. The dispute is over whether they'll also be working in the hall's new Education Wing.

Sharp Words Over Shutdown When Lawmaker Visits WWII Memorial

Texas Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer told a Park Service ranger she should be ashamed for carrying out orders that the World War II Memorial, like other national parks and monuments, be closed. That led to a tense exchange with a passerby, who said it's lawmakers who are to blame. See the video.

Thursday Morning Political Mix

House Republicans talk of a grand bargain to end the crisis fizzled... Sen. Ted Cruz got an earful from fellow Senate Republicans at a private meeting... A shockingly high number of poor people won't be helped by the Affordable Care Act.

Family Dog Eats Couple's Vacation Money

A Montana couple was on vacation when they stopped at a restaurant and left the dog in the car. When they came back, the dog had eaten 5 $100 bills. Pieces of the money was collected post digestion, and the couple has been reimbursed by the U.S. Treasury.

On Day 3 Of Shutdown, It's Deja Vu All Over Again

The partial shutdown continues. The two sides haven't publicly shifted their positions. So once again we turn to that sage of the baseball diamond, Yogi Berra, for the best line on the news that keeps repeating.