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Private Equity Fund Eyes The Business Of Pot

A couple of guys with serious investment banking experience are moving into the marijuana business. They've launched the first multimillion-dollar private equity fund devoted entirely to what they call the "cannabis space." They're buying companies that provide pot-related goods and services.

NSA Leaker Snowden Granted One-Year Asylum In Russia

Edward Snowden has been granted asylum for up to one year by Russia and has left the transit zone at Moscow's airport where he was holed up for more than a month. The Russian government says a condition for his amnesty is that he not reveal any more information that will damage the United States.

Former Goldman Trader Found Liable For Billion-Dollar Fraud

The SEC pursued civil charges against Fabrice Tourre, meaning that his punishment could range from a fine to a lifetime ban from trading in securities. A federal jury in New York City found that Tourre misled investors in a mortgage securities deal.

Sikhs Remember Tragedy By Embracing Faith

Last August, a Sikh community in Wisconsin lost six of its members in a mass shooting before Sunday services. Some local Sikhs say they've become more devoted in the year since the tragedy, and have begun wearing turbans and long beards in an effort to raise awareness and understanding of the faith.

Victims Of Bullying Are More Likely To Be Arrested As Adults

Victims of bullies are more likely to be arrested and jailed as young adults than people who weren't bullied in childhood, a study finds. And young women are having more problems than young men.

U.S. Will Close Some Embassies Sunday Over Security Concerns

The State Department said it made the decision "'out of an abundance of caution." It has not yet released a list of which embassies will be closed.

Unique Bike Treks Up East Coast, Powered By Solar And Pedals

Built by a former automobile engineer, the ELF bike is a pedal-driven, solar electric-assisted bicycle that offers its riders some protection from the elements. One customer picked up his new bike in North Carolina — and is riding it home to Massachusetts.

Kerry Says U.S. Plans To Stop Drone Strikes In Pakistan

Secretary of State John Kerry said the White House hopes to end the program "very, very soon" because the U.S. has "eliminated most of the threat."

What Outbreak? Students Tune Out Tweeted Health Warnings

When an outbreak of pneumonia sickened 83 Georgia Tech students last fall, campus officials blanketed the campus with information about how to stop the infection's spread. Despite the barrage of information, many students surveyed a month later said they never got the word.

Finding And Stopping Child Sex Trafficking

The FBI recently rescued more than 100 children from prostitution, and arrested over 150 pimps who allegedly trafficked them. Host Michel Martin learns more about child sex trafficking, and attempts to fight it, from NPR Justice Correspondent Carrie Johnson and Malika Saada Saar of Rights4Girls.