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Highway Trust Fund Is 'Broke,' Ex-Transportation Secretary LaHood Says

Lawmakers face a deadline to fund federal highway and mass transit repair. One option is to increase a gas tax. Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talks to Steve Inskeep about his ideas.

Obama Touts New Jersey City's Success In Policing Efforts

The president said in Camden, N.J., that the government will put limits on the military-style equipment it makes available to police. The goal is to improve relations between police and residents.

Amtrak Train Derailment Highlights Delays Installing Safety Controls

The delay in installing the automated control system that may have prevented last week's Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia is being blamed on not enough funding and complex design issues.

FBI Probes Hacker's Claim He Took Over Plane's Engine Controls

The FBI is investigating security expert Chris Roberts' claims that he hacked inflight entertainment systems to briefly take control of the aircraft. He says he's hacked Boeing and Airbus planes.

Supporters Aim To Protect Adult Adoptees From Deportation

When a child is adopted by a U.S. citizen, they become a U.S. citizen. But that process didn't become automatic until 2000, and adoptees that had aged into adulthood were excluded.

FAO Schwarz Closing Flagship Store In Midtown Manhattan

The toy retailer has maintained a presence at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street for decades. In July, it will close its doors. Company officials are looking for a less expensive location in Manhattan.

How Heroin Made Its Way From Rural Mexico To Small-Town America

With pizza delivery as a model, Mexican cartels revolutionized the heroin trade, making it easily available in smaller U.S. communities. Journalist Sam Quinones has the story in his new book.

Urban Farmers Say It's Time They Got Their Own Research Farms

The University of the District of Columbia is the one land-grant university in the U.S. with an urban focus. It's leading research on growing food in raised beds, hoop houses and shipping containers.

The Tech Behind Traffic Apps: How (Well) Do They Work?

A host of apps aim to take the guesswork out of navigating traffic. We put their accuracy to the test in a daily commute. As varied as the options are, the future of mobile GPS may be more precise.

LA County Museum Of Art Presents Last Sculpture By Chris Burden

The museum presented on Monday a new sculpture by artist Chris Burden, who died May 10. "Ode to Santos Dumont," is a kinetic airship inspired by the Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont.