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As Homeland Security Steps Up Cybercrime Fight, Tech Industry Wary

The Department of Homeland Security, an agency repeatedly criticized for internal mismanagement and bloat, is the cornerstone of the new White House initiative to fight cybercrime.

Oscar Speeches Spotlight Income Inequality, Immigration And Incarceration

Winners used the Academy Awards platform to highlight issues close to their heart.

Despite Furious Objections, Bill O'Reilly's War Claims Warrant Scrutiny

The Fox News star's claims of reporting from a war zone, bullets flying, during the Falklands War don't appear to hold up. His countercampaign against his accusers is noteworthy as well.

'Cold Actually Feels Good' At The US Winter Swimming Championship

Last weekend, more than 40 swimmers from around the country competed in the inaugural U.S. Winter Swimming Championship in northern Vermont. They swam in a two-lane pool cut into an icy lake.

Awash In Social Media, Cops Still Need The Public To Detect Threats

It's hard to know when to take violent language seriously online. But when Jonathan Hutson saw an anonymous threat to an unnamed school on Twitter, he couldn't let it go.

Acidifying Waters Are Endangering Your Oysters And Mussels

Many coastal communities that harvest shellfish could soon be hurt by ocean acidification, a study finds. The Pacific Northwest and New England are hot spots, as are estuaries along the East Coast.


Virginia Caucus Hopes To Limit Police Data Collection, Storage

Robert Siegel speaks with Virginia Republican Delegate Rich Anderson about a bipartisan group aimed at creating legislation to help to limit police powers.

Now You Can Sign Up To Keep Drones Away From Your Property

Most Americans worry that drones will invade their privacy, polls show. Thousands of people have signed up with — the equivalent of a "get-off-of-my-lawn" warning to drone operators.

Supreme Court Considers Visa Case For Foreign Spouses

Do Americans' constitutional rights include the right to a visa for a non-citizen spouse? The Supreme Court heard arguments on that issue Monday and appears to be headed for another close vote.

Up First For Secretary Of Defense Ash Carter: Afghanistan And ISIS

The new Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, is one week on the job and already wrapping up an overseas trip to Afghanistan and Kuwait. Carter is getting up to speed on two of the Pentagon's top priorities: the war in Afghanistan and the fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.