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Get The Measles, Get Ready To Be Out For Two Weeks

Many people think of measles as a mild childhood illness. But people who got the measles during outbreaks in the United Kingdom say they were so sick they missed two weeks of school or work.

Why Food Pilgrims Will Wait Four Hours For A Taste Of The Sublime

Psychology tells us that waiting for an experience can boost our happiness, as can talking about the experience afterward. That's one reason food pilgrims seem to be queuing up and Instagramming it.

Jose Padilla Gets 4 Years Added To His 2007 Sentence

The Muslim convert and former Latin Kings gang member was sentenced seven years ago after his arrest in Chicago on terrorism-related charges.

Janay Rice Says Assault Video Has Brought A 'Nightmare' To Life

Janay Rice says the media has sought to boost ratings by releasing a video that shows her being hit by her then-fiance, Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens ended Rice's contract Monday.

5 Questions About The 2 Weeks Congress Plans To Work This Fall

It's not fair to call this a "do nothing" Congress. It's just that the House and Senate each have very different "to do" lists.

Marriage Of 96-Year-Old Alexandria Woman Raises Legal Questions

The family of 96-year-old Edith Hill in Annandale, Va., says her sudden marriage to 95-year-old Eddie Harrison puts her estate into question.


High U.S. Support For Airstrikes, Low Numbers For Obama, Poll Says

In a new poll by The Washington Post and ABC News, Americans are increasingly in favor of strikes in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State, as President Obama's ratings drift to near-record lows.

4 Things To Know About Obama's Islamic State Strategy

The president today is set to meet congressional leaders to discuss his strategy to combat the insurgency in Iraq and Syria. He's expected to address the nation on the subject on Wednesday.

Q&A: One Student's Educational Saga In New Orleans

A high school senior looks back on five schools pre- and post-Katrina.

In Korea, Adoptees Fight To Change Culture That Sent Them Overseas

Two years ago, South Korea passed a law informed by the experiences of the 160,000 people who were adopted to other countries after World War II. Steve Haruch examines the law's history and legacy.