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Ex-Ambassador Crocker Assesses Comments By Iran's President

Steve Inskeep talks to Ryan Crocker, former U.S. ambassador to Iraq and to Syria, about Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani. U.S. officials, including Crocker, have been meeting with Iranian officials at the U.N.

A Medicaid Expansion In Pennsylvania May Take Time

Gov. Tom Corbett hopes to tap into federal money offered as part of the Affordable Care Act to extend Medicaid coverage to more people. But he has conditions. His alternative would require some people to pay an insurance premium and to look for work.

In Wake Of Colo. Floods, A Scramble To Clean Up Spilled Oil

Colorado flooding has prompted an unprecedented challenge for the state's oil and gas industry. The practice of hydraulic fracturing is widespread along the state's Eastern Plains, but overflowing rivers have swept away equipment and caused more than 37,000 gallons of oil to spill into or near rivers.

With Murky Water And Manatee Deaths, Lagoon Languishes

Florida's Indian River lagoon is a rich estuary, home to dolphins, manatees and turtles. But in recent months, it has become clear that something is wrong. Scientists and government officials blame water discharges from Lake Okeechobee and an upswing in pollution.

L.A. Puts Chronically Homeless In The Front Of Housing Line

Homeless-services providers in Los Angeles County are gathering data on the homeless population and ranking people by vulnerability. The goal is to get the most in need into permanent housing quickly. The "housing first" approach has been used in cities nationwide, but it has its critics, even among other advocates.

NBA Rookie Wants To Bring Hope To Greece, And To Milwaukee

Baby-faced Giannis Antetokounmpo, the 19-year-old Greek basketball phenom, was taken with the 15th pick in this year's NBA draft. Antetokounmpo's success has heartened many Greeks desperate for their country to become an incubator of dreams instead of a dead zone of joblessness.

Justice Department Pushes New Thinking On Kids And Crime

"We believe firmly that children should be kept in school and out of courts," says Justice Department official Robert Listenbee. In his new role leading the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, he's trying to help stop what experts describe as a "school-to-prison pipeline."

Countdown To Shutdown: The Ted Cruz Show Comes To A Close

After Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz ended his 21-hour-plus marathon speech at noon Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid quickly dismissed it as "a big waste of time."

State Department Renews Global Terrorism Alert

Current information, the department said, indicates al-Qaida and its affiliates are still planning attacks on Americans.

Floods That Ravaged Colo. Might Help Drought-Hit Farmland

The damage from flooding in Colorado is immense. As the raging rivers overflowed, they spilled into low-lying farm and ranch land wrecking costly equipment, dismantling irrigation systems and stranding livestock. In the near future, it'll be hard for farmers to remain optimistic. Still, as the waters recede, there may be a silver lining to the excess rain further down the line.