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Dreamliner Returns, And Boeing Is Watching Its Every Move

After being grounded for more than three months, Boeing's 787 jetliner is back in the air. Boeing wants to ensure those planes keep flying and get where they're supposed to be on time. To help do that, the company is monitoring the entire fleet of 787s in real time.

Egypt May Not Need Fighter Jets, But The U.S. Keeps Sending Them Anyway

American military advisers in Cairo say we should stop sending F-16s to Egypt. Military contractors disagree.

California's New Rules Could Change The Rideshare Game

For years, cities and states have struggled to figure out what to do about the rise in ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. California recently took the first steps toward legitimizing them, a move that could serve as a model for places also trying to catch up with the boom.

Hubbub Over Hillary Clinton Movies: A Dress Rehearsal For 2016

Republican efforts to quash two movies before they've been made show the GOP's concern over a possible 2016 presidential run by the former first lady and secretary of state. But the controversy over a planned CNN documentary and a proposed NBC miniseries does feel somewhat premature.

Military Veterans Accuse San Diego Mayor Of Sexual Harassment

The women allege that Bob Filner harassed them knowing they had said they were victims of rape. A veterans organization that Filner worked with said the mayor harassed at least eight of its members.

EPA Wants To Allow Continued Wastewater Dumping In Wyoming

The environmental agency has proposed permits that would allow oil companies to continue releasing contaminated wastewater onto the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming. NPR found last year that the EPA has been allowing oil companies to send so much wastewater onto dry land that it was creating raging streams.

For One-Time Tech Exec, Leading D.C. Charity Is No Small Job

Patty Stonesifer once held a top spot at Microsoft. After that, she spent years at the helm of philanthropy giant the Gates Foundation. But this year, Stonesifer downsized. She's taken on a smaller-scale role as CEO of Martha's Table, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that serves the poor.

The History — And Future — Of Cable's Bundling

For Time Warner Cable customers in major cities, the battle for the future of television is playing out before their eyes as CBS and the cable giant fight over fees. You might not realize it, but between a third and half of your cable bill goes directly to pay for channels like CBS or ESPN.

'Monument To Hell' Is No More: Cleveland Rapist's House Is Torn Down

Michelle Knight, one of the three women for whom Ariel Castro's house became a prison for nearly a decade, was on hand for its demolition Wednesday.

'Renaissance Garden' Highlights Medicinal Plants

This summer, the New York Botanical Garden is featuring an exhibit called Wild Medicine: Healing Plants around the World. The most beautiful and interesting part is a small scale recreation of the 16th century Italian Renaissance Garden at Padua, the site of one of the earliest and most important medical schools. (This piece originally aired on Weekend Edition on July 6, 2013.)