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Immigration Reform Rally Ends In Arrests In Front Of U.S. Capitol

Authorities detained about 200 protesters, including members of Congress, at a demonstration on the National Mall on Tuesday. Rally organizers demanded that lawmakers make immigration reform a top priority amid the ongoing government shutdown.

Oregon's Mile Of Glacier Caves: A Hidden, And Disappearing, World

Explorers Eddy Cartaya and Brent McGregor have used ropes, ice screws, wet suits, and flashlights to map out more than a mile of passages underneath a glacier on Oregon's Mount Hood, in what are thought to be America's largest known glacier caves outside Alaska.

Shutdown Diary: Obama Takes On The Default Deniers

President Obama called House Speaker John Boehner in the morning but there was no breakthrough. Both later held news conferences to reiterate their positions.

Does Where You Shop Depend On Where You Stand?

One big reason for the division in Washington is the growing divide between different kinds of voters back home. If it seems there's less and less common ground between members of Congress, that's because their constituents have such contrasting lifestyles and notions of government's proper role.

NSA Says It Has 'Mitigated' Meltdowns At Utah Data Farm

Documents show that chronic electrical problems at the NSA's mammoth new data center in Utah destroyed equipment and delayed the center's opening, according to reports.

Flood Forensics: Why Colorado's Floods Were So Destructive

Nearly a year's worth of rain was dumped on parts of the state in four days this fall. The downpour from the heavens created a slurry on the mountainsides that scrubbed away soil, trees, boulders and buildings. Scientists say the flooding may have been a once-in-a-thousand-years event.

Amid Big Salmonella Outbreak, USDA Says It's On The Job

An estimated 278 people in multiple states have been sickened by an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant salmonella linked to raw chicken. Despite stories suggesting otherwise, USDA says its work on the outbreak hasn't been hampered by the federal government shutdown. CDC is calling back about 30 furloughed staffers to help with its response.

Health Exchange Tech Problems Point To A Thornier Issue

The Obama administration says the technology powering health exchange sign-ups buckled under unexpectedly high traffic. But's glitches are part of much more complicated issue: a systemic contracting and procurement problem.

Supreme Court Weighs Easing Limits On Campaign Contributions

Campaign finance laws put a cap on the total amount that individuals can give to candidates or party committees. An Alabama businessman is challenging those limits, saying his inability to give to as many candidates as he wanted to infringed on his free speech.

State Health Exchanges: The Good, The Bad, And The Glitches

Melissa Block speaks with Jocelyn Guyer from the health policy consulting firm Manatt Health Solutions about the good and bad of the state health exchanges so far.