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NYPD Officer Charged In Connection With Videotaped Biker Attack

Investigators say undercover and off-duty officer Wojciech Braszczok was part of a motorcycle group that attacked the driver of an SUV.

How The Shutdown Is Hurting The Housing Market

A variety of government agencies — some all but shut down at the moment — play a large role in real estate. So far, their absence from the game is causing more inconvenience than real problems. But soon the effects on housing and the broader economy could become pronounced.

Janet Yellen's Resume Makes Us All Feel Like 'Slackers'

Janet Yellen is being nominated as the new Federal Reserve chief. NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax talks about what this news means.

Yuppie Condos Destroying Chinatowns?

Big city Chinatowns have long been a haven for Chinese immigrants. But a new report finds that Asian-Americans are leaving Chinatowns as luxury buildings attract wealthier, white residents. For more, host Michel Martin speaks with the report's author Bethany Li of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Property Taxes May Cause Slaves' Descendants To Lose Homes

Sapelo Island, off the coast of Georgia, has been home to generations of African-Americans since their ancestors were freed from slavery. Now, they might be losing their homes as growing property values send tax bills through the roof. Host Michel Martin speaks with Sapelo Island resident Cornelia Walker Bailey about the situation.

Service Members Keep Promises, Even If Congress Doesn't

As the shutdown drags on, many Americans are wondering whether the federal government will meet its obligations, and services for military veterans are a particular cause for concern. Host Michel Martin shares her thoughts about the promises the nation has made to service members — and those they've made to each other — in her 'Can I Just Tell You?' essay.

Govt. Shutdown 'Wake-Up Call' To Native Americans

Native American tribes often rely on their relationship with federal agencies to keep themselves afloat. Host Michel Martin speaks with Tara Gatewood, host of the public radio show Native America Today, about how the government shutdown affects Native Americans. NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax also joins the conversation.

Meet Dave, A 19-Year-Old Craft Beer With A $2,000 Price Tag

The brewery that makes Dave is donating some of the proceeds to Guide Dogs for the Blind. But buyers who shell out the $2,000 are likely in it for more than the goodwill. There's a lot of hype around Dave.

Boston School Bus Drivers Back Behind The Wheel After Strike

About 600 drivers went on strike Tuesday, leaving 30,000 students to find their own way to school.

Top Stories: Nobel In Chemistry; Yellen Gets Nod As Fed Chair

Also: Boehner says short-term shutdown deal would be 'unconditional surrender" and U.S. to cut some military aid to Egypt.