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Gov. Christie Signs New Jersey 'DREAM Act' Into Law

The law will give some students who are in the U.S. illegally the ability to pay cheaper, in-state tuition.

Black GOP Hopefuls See Promise In Retirement Flurry

It's not every day that three long-serving House members announce their retirements within hours of each other. It's rarer still that two of those seats have a distinct possibility of being filled by an African-American Republican.

Makeover USA: Short, 'Dowdy' D.C. Considers High Heels

Our nation's capital was designed to showcase its monuments, and monumental buildings — from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. But as the city grows, is it time to rewrite the law that mandates a ground-hugging skyline?

President Orders Review Of Sexual Assault In Military

The one-year review of the military's response to sexual assault within the ranks comes in response to a spate of embarrassing incidents in recent months.

Obama On Health Care Rollout: 'We Screwed It Up'

The president will be taking questions from reporters. Listen to what he has to say and read highlights.

Yellen Nomination To Fed Clears Hurdle; Confirmation Likely

Janet Yellen would be the first woman to head the central bank. On Friday, the Senate voted to head off any potential filibuster of her nomination. A confirmation vote is scheduled for Jan. 6.

'A Lot Of Sour Grapes' Left In Budget Deal

Congress is hopes for a happy holiday after approving a budget deal. But the President is still feeling the heat over Obamacare and the National Security Agency's data mining. Host Michel Martin talks politics with Republican strategist Ron Christie and Fernando Espuelas of Univision.

Angelina Didn't Help Educate People About Breast Cancer Risk

This summer, Angelina Jolie announced that she had both her breasts removed to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Her story got a lot of people talking. But they didn't necessarily learn more about the genetics of breast cancer risk.

#NPRBlacksInTech: Creating Technology 'Comes From Passion'

Tell Me More has sparked Twitter discussions around diversity in tech at #NPRBlacksinTech. For more on why there's a racial disparity in tech, host Michel Martin talks with physicist Reginald Farrow, entrepreneur Deena Pierott and middle school student Miles Peterson.

Protesters Greet Scott Brown At New Hampshire GOP Event

The former Massachusetts Republican senator's monthslong flirtation with Granite State voters has powered plenty of speculation, and Thursday's event only fanned it.